Bigfoot Encounters

Orange County man says UFOs, Bigfoot,
By Cheryl Pruett, Registered Staff Writer

1977 - Huntington Beach, Calif - It was too still. Peter Guttilla had been awakened abruptly in the middle of the night while camping in the wilderness of northwestern California.  

The Trap he had set for whatever might move around the perimeter of his camp area had worked. The earthquake sensors picked up movement; bells were triggered by whatever moved in the wooded darkness.  

Guttilla ran from his tent with camera in hand and tape recorder dangling from his neck. "I didn't like the feel," said Guttilla, recalling the 1975 incident. "I had this feeling to look into a certain part of the darkness -- like a compulsion.  

But when he looked into the forest, all he saw was the silhouette of trees. "It's as if something had been looking at me, but I couldn't see it.  Then a little red light came out and hovered over me. I got three photographs.  Then the light shot away -- rapidly." 

That night, Guttilla and a few other campers had been in search of Bigfoot, the legendary half-beast, half-man giant of the wilderness.  

Guttilla said footprints were found around the camp and the sensors had been snapped out of the ground and taken away.   

"There was no evidence of bear tracks or other animals.  At that point we couldn't conclude anything.  Nocturnal lights such as the red light that hovered over me constitute one for of UFO." 

"I planned it out from the beginning to have time to do this, to support myself and pursue this," he said, knowing that he has done less than he could have in his other profession in an industrial chemical company.  

Guttilla is now active in fiction writing and screen work with Spiegel/Bergman Productions.  His book, "Far Side of Forever,?" will be published soon.  Guttilla also is founder of the 'Western Society for Exploration of the Unexplained,' consisting of 100 members across the country in a general information exchange network.  Members are professional people, not necessarily scientists, but people with experience -- "those that know the subtleties of the field.  Reading a few books isn't enough," said Guttilla.  

"The purpose of the group is not to prove Bigfoot or UFO's exist but to get evidence and attempt communication," said Guttilla.  

"We want to keep track of the state of things so that eventually we might piece the puzzle together and match wits with these phenomena.  So far they've beaten us at ever game." 

Orange County isn't without it share of weird things, he said, adding that there have been indications of Bigfoot in the Irvine hills, but most county encounters are UFO sightings.  

One of these involved a Santa Ana resident who ran outside to see what might be causing all the electrical chaos in his home -- lights going on and off, television going haywire.  

He looked up and saw a dis-shaped object hovering over his house and shining a light down on it. Meanwhile, but unknown to the man, his sleeping son was having nightmares and felt physically ill. For several days afterward, the boy could not sleep.  

Guttilla currently is looking into this incident.  "I'm intrigued because it is one of a half-dozen of similar nature that occurred in Santa Ana in five years." 

Then there is the creature that was spotted in 1974 in Colona, California by two boys driving through a lemon grove.  It was not Bigfoot, said Guttilla, but it was described as 9 feet tall, white and clawed.  He said it has been spotted a dozen times since.  

But there is a Bigfoot in Southern California, said Guttilla, who claims to have seen the creature in 1973 while camping on the slopes of Sierra Paloma in the Angeles National Forest.  

"It was early in the morning.  There were five other people with me. Then all of a sudden, Bigfoot appeared.  He was within 200 feet of us.  He was about 8 feet tall and dirty beige. 

"I was completely unprepared after all the years of investigation. I stood there dumbfounded." The giant just walked away. - ---

The caption under the photo reads, "Guttilla found a Bigfoot track in the S. A. Riverbed."
...article courtesy Peter Guttilla, March 2010

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