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Wisconsin a new home for Bigfoot?
By Keith Edwards

Deliveryman says he saw huge, hairy beast carrying a goat in Clark County.

5 April, 2000 — Granton, Wisconsin— James Hughes was minding his own business, delivering the Black River Shopper last week when he says he saw something he'll never forget — an 8-foot-tall, two-legged, shaggy creature carrying a goat. Sasquatch? Bigfoot? Yeti? Abominable Snowman? Or just a really tall hairy guy carrying breakfast?

Hughes isn't sure, and authorities are scratching their heads over the reported sighting. "He was all covered with hair, a real dark gray color, with some spots that looked a honey color.

It was walking on two legs, and it was mighty, mighty, big," Hughes said in a phone interview Tuesday. "You better believe I was scared.

That creature could have tipped that car upside down and thrown it in the ditch. It was that big."

Hughes filed a report with the Clark County Sheriff's Department, and a deputy was dispatched to the scene but couldn't find any big footprints, said Capt. Mark Cattanach.

"We have no goats reported missing, or any other types of small animals that may meet that description," Cattanach said Tuesday. "I'm not sure what we could do.

I don't know that there's ever been any indication, at least that I've been told, that there's any danger to the public."

Hughes, 57, was on his newspaper delivery route around 5:15 a.m. March 28 when he said he saw the creature at the side of the road, on County Highway H about 1½ miles from his rural Granton home.

At first, he thought it was a man, but as he got closer he said he realized it didn't look human — about 8 feet tall, 500 pounds and hairy with an ape-like face.

After getting a closer look at the creature, which he said appeared to be carrying a goat or small sheep in its hand, Hughes said he floored his gas pedal and quickly drove away.

"I didn't call it in (to the Sheriff's Department) until the next day, because people would think I'm crazy. And I don't drink, I don't use dope, and I was wide awake," Hughes said.

Cattanach said Hughes gave a very detailed description, but without tracks or other evidence suggesting a creature was in the area, there isn't much the Sheriff's Department can do. He also said the reported Bigfoot sighting is the talk of the community. "There's been a fair amount of joking around with this," said Cattanach.

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