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Footprints and Hairs appear again...
This time in Hubei County, China July 2010

by Professor Wang Li , Shennongjia

Test results performed by a research institution in Shennongjia Nature Reserve on known hairs and footprints found by the villagers in Shennongjia have proved inconclusive, the institute reported on July 13, 2010.

The place where villagers found these hairs and footprints is 18 kilometers (approx eleven miles) from the capital of Shennongjia forest region and 2,000 meters above the sea level. It belongs to the alpine zone and few people enter this area; it is pristine wildlife forests.

The Panshui village committee received the report from the Shennongjia Forest region government that a villager had found some hairs while searching for herbs on July 9, 2010.

The investigators came to the area of the find on the morning of July 11 and were able to locate more than 20 scattered hairs in the 2-square-meter range. Meanwhile, in the course of the investigation, a 30-centimeters-long footprint was discovered. (30 centimeters long = 11.8 inches long)

The investigators submitted some of the hair samples to the famous research institute in Shennongjia Nature Reserve for analysis last July 13, 2010. Yang Kaihua, the vice director of the institute, said that according to the flame-treated identification method, they have confirmed the hairs belonging to an animal not in the list as already-identified animals in Shennongjia, China. It more simplified terminology, the source of the hairs is unknown at this time. Study of the hair and footprints will continue.

Beautiful Shennongjia Forests region sits in the province of Hubei, China.
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Source: Professor Wang Li

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