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Monkey-man Scare Grips Eastern India
Agence France-Presse
Sunday, July 21, 2002

Almost a year after residents of Delhi were terrorised by the alleged attacks of an elusive monkey-like creature, the eastern city of Patna says it too is facing similar attacks from an ape-like animal.
Local newspapers here are full of reports of "mysterious monkey attacks" but police have scotched the stories and warned of strict action against those spreading rumours.

"There are rumours of a monkey-like machine, referred to as monkey-man that attacks those sleeping on rooftops and in open places at night," ON Bhaskar, Patna's police chief said.

"But it is a pure rumour as no one has actually lodged a case in any police station. There has not been any recognized case of injury. We have warned the public at large to be on guard against any rumour and help cops arrest those who spread such rumours."

Residents of Patna however were not reassured, with local newspapers headlining quotes from eyewitnesses and victims of the "monkey man". "The monkey-man attacked and injured my son-in-law Joginder Singh Friday night when he was sleeping on the rooftop of my house," a newspaper quoted Bhagwat Sharan Singh of Patna's Mainpura colony as saying. "He (the attacker) looked like a monkey." Some even alleged the creature "jumps and sparkles red and blue lights". Others described it as resembling a machine, operated by a remote control and "handled by anti-social elements to terrorise people".

Police chief Bhaskar said hospitals and doctors had been asked to report any case of injury attributed to the mysterious creature. Meanwhile, fear of the "monkey man" took an ugly turn when a group of people beat up a Hindu Sadhu (saint) with a flowing beard, on suspicion that he was the creature.

The incidents reported in Patna seemed almost identical to the attacks reported in the Indian capital last May, when for more than a month, a "mysterious monkey-like creature" besieged New Delhi.
Descriptions agreed the creature was "black" and "ape-like" with "sharp claws," but varied on its height, with some reporting it was over six feet tall with red eyes, while others said it was about two feet tall.

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