Bigfoot Encounters

Bigfoot has friends in high places

Editorial page of the Bellingham Herald Newspaper, Washington State
Monday 17 Jul 2000

GOVERNMENT: Whatcom officials declare county to be "Sasquatch protection and refuge area." It goes on to say.

They're calling this the "Summer of Sasquatch" with 11 reported sightings of Big foot just since May. An Oregon psychologist swears he saw the hairy creature on a hike with his family near the Oregon Caves National Monument.

Awhile later, Bigfoot was sighted on the Hoh Indian Reservation on the Olympic Peninsula. (I think they have the time frame wrong here).

Those who have reported the sightings have backed up their claims with proof of huge footprints and animal hair -- sure signs that they must be on to something.

Certainly, Bigfoot is likely to turn up soon in Whatcom County on his northward migration, particularly since this community has provided him with a little-known but truly official special-protection status.

Bigfoot is sure to be grateful to enjoy refuge here in Whatcom County where we even have a festival dedicated to him.

On June 9, 1992, the Whatcom County Council Resolution 92-043 officially declared Whatcom County to be a "Sasquatch protection and refuge area" and asked all citizens to "recognize said status" on the grounds that "if such a creature exists, it is inadequately protected and in danger of death or injury."

Should the behemoth find his way to us, let's make sure we're nice to him.

From the database files, 2000

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