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Mount Shasta Herald, California September 30, 1976

Mount Shasta Herald - September 30, 1976
Archives: Volume 72, No. 11

The controversy over whether or not there really is a hairy creature on Mt. Shasta got added fuel when what appeared to be huge footprints were seen in a subsequent search of the area.

Mt. Larry More of Mount Shasta went to the scene with his camera two days after a timber faller, Virgil Larson, reported seeing a huge "non-human" creature with long black hair in the woods south of Cascade Gulch on September 3rd.

More, Larson, some other loggers, and a Walnut Creek man who was sitting on a rock waiting for a look at the creature, hiked around the area two days later and spotted what appeared to be two footprints, 16 inches long, indented in the dirt.

A measurement is taken at the picture at left, and at right the footprint, narrow at the heel and wide at the toes, barely shows in the print.

"They (the footprints) were there,"More said, "but I couldn¹t say how old they were."

Another logger, who wouldn't identify himself, was reported to have seen the creature two days later at Ponto Park east of McCloud, but the sighting was not verified. Mr.More said what appeared to be blood found at the scene where the creature was sighted on Mt. Shasta by Larson was a common condition found all over the woods on peeled dry limbs.
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Copyright Mount Shasta Herald September 30 1976 Volume 72, No. 11
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