Bigfoot Encounters


Contra Costa Times, California
October, 1994

Bigfoot rules Tom Morris' life. Yes, that Bigfoot. As in Sasquatch.

Morris has never seen the big guy, but he did find some dung samples that seem a bit too big to belong to a bear. He'll show you the framed photograph of them in his home.

In fact, he's got dozens of framed photos to show you. They cover the walls and line up along the floor nearly everywhere in his Pleasant Hill home.

He just poured all his knowledge -- except for some of the really inside stuff he's holding onto -- into "California's Bigfoot/Sasquatch." The book breaks no new ground and offers no new theories. Instead, it's a compilation of newspaper articles and other resources aimed at making it more comfortable for Bigfoot watchers to come forward with information.

"I prefer the Jane Goodall approach," he says. "I want to hear about some more sightings, get some footage, just get some more information out there so we can get some part of the scientific community to investigate this seriously."

''It's not like I'm getting any money out of this," the 36-year-old underground construction contractor says. He invested about $4,000 to publish the book.

"It's just like it's in my blood now."

The endless trail of photos detail what Morris has been chasing for nearly 20 years.

There's shots of tracks he's found, of wooded areas where sightings were reported, of fellow devotees on the hunt, and of course, frames of The Film.

Morris bases much of his faith on the 952 frames of movie film that Roger Patterson shot in 1967 in Northern California. In the absence of skeletal remains or teeth, Patterson's film is the closest thing to scientific proof for the faithful.

Over the years, hundreds of footprints have been found.

So why haven't any bones or teeth turned up from one of the dozens of Bigfoot estimated to be roaming the wilds?

Some Bigfootologists estimate there could be as many as 2,000 in North America.

The standard reply from Bigfootheads is: Any remains are totally devoured by other predators.

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