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Arkhangelsk photos: Evidence of Yeti existence?

REGNUM presents a photographic report from the place where footprints of, supposedly, a Yeti, most commonly referred to as an “Abominable Snowman,” have been found.

The footsteps were found near the village Shogorka, 35 kilometers off the Kargapor settlement in the Pinezh region of the Arkhangelsk Oblast (...the translation of 'oblast' would be in English something akin to 'area, zone, province or region) by a local hunter Leonid Skomorokhov.

He found 30 footsteps within the 24-meters area. The length of each footstep is 31 centimeter, it looks like a paw with a long triangular claw on the tip of each finger.

The footstep length (stride) is more than 1.5 meters.(1.5 meters = 4.921 feet)

According to director of the Northern branch of the All-Russian research institute of hunting economy and fur farming Vladimir Korepanov, some of the footsteps belong to a bear, and some of them remind those of Primates and Ursidae simultaneously. Local residents have already made molds of the footprints.

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