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Does Bigfoot exist?
Meet the man who says he’s got the proof

by John B. Spigott

Friday January 19, 2007 -- If Edmonton native Todd Standing is right, the elusive Bigfoot may be elusive no more.

Standing will be hosting a documentary showing tonight at the Vic Juba Community Theatre about the legendary creature, and says he not only knows where Bigfoot lives, but has also seen one.

“I’m showing the third video, a video which hasn’t been publicly released yet,” said Standing. “It’s going to be the most definitive piece of Bigfoot evidence ever.”

Standing said he had a kineticist – an expert on motion related to body movement – do an analysis on the footage and was told by the kineticist that the fastest man in the world could not do it in 24 seconds, while the bipedal animal on film did it in 17 seconds.

“There are no special effects done to the tape,” said Standing. “If no human being could have done it … what did it? I’m not saying believe me, but all I want is to get a CNN or a NBC type media to come with me, and I’ll prove to everyone.”

“You know what? I probably wouldn’t believe me. But give me an opportunity, and I’ll go out and I’ll prove it.”
A close friend of Standing’s had a run-in with Bigfoot in the region known as Sylvanic, which got Standing interested in the possibility of delving into the Bigfoot myth for himself. All Standing will reveal about the location of Sylvanic is that it is in the North American Rocky Mountains.

Standing embarked on several expeditions to Sylvanic beginning in 2005 in search of Bigfoot, and says after three expeditions he still didn’t believe that Bigfoot definitively existed. It wasn’t until he saw the nocturnal behaviour of an unidentified animal that he started to change from skeptic to believer.

“It was what I saw at night … no animal could have done the things we witnessed,” said Standing. “It wasn’t a ghost out there either – it was flesh and blood. There’s something out there no one knows about.”

Standing says he became a believer when he heard an animal traverse 200 metres of dense bush and climb a 50 foot rock face straight up.

“When I heard that in 40 seconds, I became a believer,” said Standing. “I couldn’t deny what I heard.”
Although Standing says he could easily go public with the information he has now and show people exactly what it takes to capture these animals, he wants to make sure the animals are protected from people who might hunt them for sport.

“They evade people as a community,” said Standing. “I believe they have a special sensory perception, but I can’t prove that yet. All I know is they triangulate themselves in an area of the mountains wherever they feel comfortable and when people come, they have daywatchers, so they just back away.”

Death threats, angry letters and furious people all come with the territory for a man who is trying to prove what some say simply cannot exist.

“Some people are just ignorant and rude about things,” said Standing. “But for the most part, I get tremendous support from the people and places I go to.”

Standing said his next video will focus on obtaining physical evidence of Bigfoot, something he doesn’t foresee as being a big problem.

“The only reason we were unable to get physical evidence last time is because it was raining 90 per cent of the time,” said Standing. “When you’re looking for hair samples in the muck and the rain, it’s just not going to happen. But we came back with the video samples, which are very conclusive, and we want to carry on with our research and in the spring do another expedition.”

The documentary shows at 7 p.m., 8 p.m., and 9 p.m. tonight, Friday January 19, 2007 at the Vic Juba, and all proceeds for the non-profit event will be donated to the Lloydminster SPCA.

-- Previously on Thursday November 2, 2006 - Todd Standing claimed to have video footage, proof...that Bigfoot exists in this published article in the Edmonton Sun:

Local man claims he has proof

An Edmonton man claims to have at least 12 seconds of video footage that proves Bigfoot exists.

He’s incorporated it into a 30-minute documentary that’s airing at the Citadel next Thursday.

The movie is called Sylvanic, a derivative of a native word used in southern British Columbia to describe the “shadow guardians of the mountains” says movie maker Todd Standing, 33.

Standing’s been interested in Bigfoot for years, but remained a hardline skeptic until about a year ago, when he said he caught his first glimpse of the mythical monstrosity.

“I will reveal to the world everything I know about these animals, everything the natives have known for generations - about how they’ve been evading us, and why we must enact legislation to protect them,” Standing said.

He and two research colleagues claim to have hair samples from the animal, and footage of a seven-foot-tall creature weighing approximately 400 lbs. running through the mountains.

“It’s a great ass-shot,” Standing said. “You can see glutes, hamstring and calf muscle. It’s in motion and it moves very fast.

“Bigfoot is either the biggest hoax in the history of mankind - fooling Vikings and natives for generations - or there really is a bipedal man-like primate out there.

“I’ve seen it, and I’m a believer.”

Sylvanic airs at 7, 8 and 9 p.m. at the Citadel’s Zeidler Hall next Thursday. Tickets are $5, and proceeds are being donated to the Edmonton Humane Society.

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