Eureka, California

I actually found this web site quite by accident while doing labor market research on veterinarians in California for a graduate course! Go figure! Anyways, it seems a great time to share my experience. I must say I have spent my life very traumatized by the thought of Bigfoot since I grew up in the woods of Eureka, CA. But at the same time, that fear has always been mixed with curiousity.

Anyway, it was during the night about 15 years ago. A storm was getting ready to kick up. No rain yet but the thunder and lightening was kicking up. That's what woke me up. The room was dark except for when the lightening would brighten up outside periodically. We lived in a trailor home and the bottom of my bedroom window was about 8 feet off the ground. I thought I heard a scream-like sound outside and automatically my imagination started racing. Then the lightening flashed again, and I saw a shadow outside my window. The light was only for a second but it was shaped like shoulders and a head. A minute later the lightening flashed again and I saw the same silhouette. It was dark and hairy which made the features difficult to make out, especially in the dark. The lightening flashed a third time, and the silhouette was gone. But I knew it was Bigfoot. There was no way it could have been a person because the window was so high off the ground. No man around the area was 9 feet tall! Plus, there was so much hair! And that scream I heard earlier was  exactly the way the books I'd read describe some of the sounds he made.Of course my parents didn't believe me (when I ran screaming into their room where I stayed for the rest of the night.) And the next morning, when we went outside to look for tracks, the ground was destroyed from the rainstorm that had eventually come the night before so it was impossible to tell if tracks had been present. But I know what I saw, even if no one ever believed me. It feels good to know I'm sharing this story with other people who will believe me. But I think I'd be happy if I never saw Bigfoot again in my life. However, best of luck to those of you looking as long as you intend to let them live in peace (far away from me!!)

Marci Honstea