Bigfoot Encounters

Del Norte County, California September 2005

On September 24, 2005 the Curry Coastal Pilot ran a story involving a trucker named Travis Cover from Brookings, Oregon who spotted a sasquatch on highway 199 in Del Norte County, California while he was in route to Oregon. Here is that article, courtesy of the Curry Coastal Pilot for Bigfoot Encounters

It took less than 30 seconds for Travis Cover to become a full-fledged believer in Bigfoot. The Brookings truck driver was making a routine drive on Highway 199 near Knopki Creek in Del Norte County at about 5:30 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 22 when he saw the beast.

”It was still dark outside and I was driving along,” Cover said. “I reached down to grab my lunch and when I looked back up there it was. A big, hairy monster standing next to a yellow road sign.”

Cover described the creature he saw as dark, hairy and as tall as the semi-truck he was driving. The furry mammal’s head was parallel to the steering wheel. ”It raised its arm to block the beam from my headlights,” he said.”I've never seen anything like it.”

Notions to stop and investigate the matter first hand raced through Cover’s mind. But the massive size of the creature was intimidating, so he rolled forward to his destination a few miles off the highway. Since he didn’t have a camera in the truck and because it was dark also contributed to his reasons not to stop.

Cover frantically tried to call the California Highway Patrol but lost reception from his cell phone on the windy, desolate road. After he arrived at his destination, the skeptics came out.
”When I stopped, the loaders were telling me it was just some hippy off the side of the road,” Cover said.

Cover’s glimpse at a potential sasquatch is not a rarity for the West coast. California, Oregon and Washington report more bigfoot sightings than any other states. Washington tops that list with 371 sightings, followed by California with 321 and Oregon with 186.

There have been seven recorded sightings in Curry County, the last one on June 26. Del Norte County has 25 reports, the last coming on April 20, 2004.

Several hours after Cover saw what he is certain to be a bigfoot creature, another truck driver who was on the same route that morning reported seeing a strange object off the side of the road.
”He told me that he saw a large dark object rustling in the grass,” Cover said. “He didn¹t know what it was either. It¹s a freak thing.”

When Cover was a child, he believes he may have seen a similar type creature roaming the woods when his family was on a camping trip. But his latest encounter has made him a firm believer that bigfoot is not a myth.

”It wasn’t a bear because it moved its arm to block the light,” he said.
”It wasn’t any other animal. I’m just glad that I was in the truck.”

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