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The Ape Type

They’re all big, they’re all hairy, they’re all colossal cocktails of man, ape, bear and occasionally goat. And they’re all over the world - Yeti in the Himalayas, Sasquatch and Bigfoot in North America, Yeren in China, Nguoi Rung in Vietnam, Yowie in Australia.

Most of the time they’re more frightened by the spotters - but they’re not always harmless.

An adventurer named Bauman was working as a trapper with a friend in the Wisdom River area in Montana.

One night when Bauman got back to camp, he found his friend dead. There were huge bite marks on the body, and the man’s neck had been snapped by something with far more than normal human strength.

A few days before the tragedy, they had both seen a strange, humanoid creature which they reckoned was about seven feet tall. This story was reported by President Roosevelt, so it must be true - American Presidents don’t lie, do they?

In 1924, Al Ostman claimed to have been abducted by a whole tribe of Sasquatch. He was asleep in his sleeping bag when one of them picked him up like a rag doll and carried him away. As the creatures made no attempt to harm him, Ostman – who always kept a loaded rifle by his side when he was out alone in the wilds - did not wish to harm them. He finally got away by giving snuff to their leader and running away while the Sasquatch Chief was sneezing uncontrollably!

Many disturbing reports of the Yeti, or Abominable Snowman - a close cousin to Sasquatch and Bigfoot - have come in over the years from the Himalayas. In 1974, on a plateau 14,000 feet up near Mount Everest, nineteen year old Lakpa Sherpani was knocked unconscious as she tried unsuccessfully to defend her yaks from a yeti which killed several of them by twisting their horns until their necks were broken.

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