New Albany Mississippi

New Albany Gazette By Lynn West Associate Editor
Wednesday, June 16, 1993

Hunsucker, 52, has hesitated to say much about the incident that occurred 14 years
ago, because the tale may place him in the same category for some as those who report
UFO's and Little Green Men. He says every word is true and talking with him makes you believe it.

"My eight-year-old son and I were out cutting firewood in the woods between here and Ashland.

It was in an area known appropriately enough, as 'Booger Bottom.' It was 14 years ago,
in September or October I think, when it was rainy weather."

"We decided to take a break and sat down by the truck. I lit a cigarette, and you know how you can be out alone and get this feeling that something is watching you? That's how I felt and I turned around and looked."

"There was this thing standing there. It had red eyes that were kind of sunken, two long
saber teeth and pointed with a kind of lighter coloring in front. It was looking at me OVER the top of the truck and I could see it from about the waist up. it had to be nine feet tall."

"I thought, 'you can't be seeing this. This isn't real,' so I asked my son to not move suddenly or
anything, but turn around and look and see if he saw anything. I watched him and all of the
sudden his eyes got real big and he said, 'Daddy, what is that thing?!' I knew I wasn't seeing was real."

"Well, I had the chainsaw there, it had been running and was hot. I pulled it and it started right up. I went around with it wide open and that thing went flying away, running out of sight as fast as it could."

He doesn't have the slightest idea of what he saw, other than some sort of Bigfoot. All this time
he has not talked about the incident because he would expect to be disbelieved and ridiculed.
About the same time he saw Bigfoot, other Southerners were being kidded or worse for reports that they had seen a UFO. Although his son talked a little about the incident, his father remained silent.
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Credit Source: Tim Olson.

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