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Waynesboro "Ape" Prints a Hoax

February 20, 2002

Cryptozoologist Mark A. Hall of North Carolina declared the series of tracks found in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, during mid-February 2002, appear almost certainly to be a crude hoax.

Both are longtime researchers of the authentic reports of midwestern and southern swamp ape reports and footprint finds.

Close examination of photographic evidence from researchers who have visited the site reveals a human-made impression in the arch of the several of the tracks.

This artifact appears to be from a sneaker or some manufactured footwear.

Coleman and Hall do not wish to give a recipe to future pranksters, but they note that the tracks appear to reveal a type of glove or fixture made rigid and placed on the front of worn footwear.

The "toes" thus have left "claw marks" and an "ape configuration" merely as an unforeseen outcome of the design of the prankster or pranksters.

Various internal diagnostic features demonstrate the basis of the prints are from the track of a manmade shoe with a structure added.

Mark A. Hall

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