Bigfoot Expert Ready To Make Tracks To South Carolina

By Pat Butler
The State Newspaper
August 13, 1997 -

Question: If Bishopville's Lizard Man fought Neeses' Bigfoot, who would win?
Answer: Whoever gets the rights to sell T-shirts.

We've been waiting to see the frenzy over Bigfoot, this summer's South Carolina monster of choice, approach that of Lizard Man seven years ago. It probably won't. Every state, with the possible exception of Rhode Island, has Bigfoots. The Lizard Man is unique.

But maybe there's still hope for Neeses, where two teen-age brothers said they saw a Bigfoot last month. A Tennessee researcher is trying to find other South Carolinians who've seen it, and if he gets enough response, he'll come track down the shaggy one.

Rob McNabb, who spoke with the Neeses teens and found them credible, considers South Carolina "unexplored territory, Bigfoot-wise."

"People see things and don't mention it because they think they're not supposed to. They think of Bigfoot as being in Washington State and Oregon."

McNabb had his only Bigfoot sighting on US 378 in Sumter County while on his honeymoon. (We can picture the wedding announcement: "After their reception, the new Mr. and Mrs. McNabb will track monsters in a South Carolina swamp.")

By the way, McNabb believes that Southern Bigfoots "tend to be a little more aggressive, a little less shy."  If you've seen one, don't be shy about writing him at 123 Harriet Tubman Road, Knoxville, Tenn. 37915

Newspaper article submitted by Marlene Trask.