Beast Seen in Utah
Utah (UPI) - Utah Wildlife Division Officials do not really believe the legendary Bigfoot monster has moved into the Uinta Mountains, but they are going to check out the report anyway. "We are not joining the Bigfoot fans," said Conservation Officer Don Paul on Monday. "But one of our people will be making a routine patrol next week into the area where is was reported. He is going to see what he can find."

Eight north Ogden residents reported seeing a 10-foot tall creature covered with a mantle of white hair while they were hiking to a ridge at the head of the Weber River Drainage between Pass Lake and Cuberant Basin last week. Jay Barker said the group looked down and saw an ape-like animal at the edge of a small alpine lake. It walked off after a youngster in the party of hikers knocked some rocks loose. Barker also said the hikers found a dead rabbit near where the creature was seen. The rabbit appeared to have been skinned and partially eaten. "The people involved with this sighting were pretty credible," said Paul. "They spend a lot of time in the outdoors." "But they saw this thing from 600 to 800 yards away in the early morning," he added. "Now a moose can be ten feet tall and have gray about its shoulder. Of course it can't stand on its hind legs." "Grizzly bears also match the description, but none have been reported in Utah since the 1930's," he said. "It just seems to me that if Bigfoot really existed we would see more of them."

Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon, Tuesday, August 30, 1977.

Credit Bill Brann.
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