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Wild men spotted again in Shennongjia, Hubei China 2007

The famous and pristine forest of Shenongjia is located in China's Hubei Province, sharing its border with Chongging Municipality in the west and Baokang County to the east of Hubei County. Shennongjia is noteably the most beautiful place on earth with the rarest of rare foliages, oddly colored fauna, many albino species not found anywhere else. The forest zone is also home to three different wildmen, one ape-like, one smallish gibbon-like and then there are the hairy giants of Shennonghia. The area is a "must-see" on the lists of many researchers, zoologists, botantist and other specialty scientists. It has centuries of history of hairy wildmen, who in times passed, were call "Ogres." Today the term for these hairy giants all lumped into one is "Chinese Yeti" or "China's Yehren." Without a doubt, the Shennongjia Forest is an attraction teeming with virgin scenery and folk legends, awaiting the enjoyment and excitement of casual tourists and researchers alike. Virgin forests in the Shennongjia Zone are not totally open to visitors; the flora and wildlife is guarded closely.

Two giant ape-like creatures were spotted in the afternoon of November 18, 2007, in Shennongjia, an area famous for the legendary "bigfoot" wild man located in central China's Hubei Province. Four independently traveling tourists claimed that they were almost face to face with two wild men while touring around the Licha River, at the northern foot of Laojun Mountain. If their words prove to be true, the tourists will be the first eyewitnesses of "bigfoot" in southeast Shennongjia Nature Reserve in recent years.
According to a Changjiang Times report on November 20, Zhang Jinxing, a scientist conducting investigations in the Shennongjia Nature Reserve, reported the thrilling event to relevant local authorities in the afternoon of November 19. When Zhang had finished his investigation that morning, he came across four independently traveling tourists, two men and two women, in a land-rover. These tourists told him that they had seen two wild men around the Licha River in the morning of November 18. They were near a sharp curve on the mountain road when three of the four, two men and one woman, spotted two giant, dark figures standing behind a tangled mass of shrubbery some 50 meters away from their car. It seemed that the two creatures didn't see the car at first, but they soon fled into the dense forest. Later that day, the tourists reported the event to the Lichahe Forest Maintenance Station and came back to the spot with two forest rangers. At this time, they only found a few footprints, branches they believed were broken by the wild men and wild fruits scattered on the ground.
Since the Lichahe Forest Maintenance Station is situated in a remote area in the Shennongjia Nature Reserve, local authorities didn't receive the report in a timely fashion. Currently, the proper authorities are busy contacting the four eyewitnesses and an investigation team has been sent out along the Licha River to conduct a thorough investigation. Local authorities have promised to announce investigation results as soon as possible.
( by Chen Xia, November 20, 2007)
Article courtesy Michael Jay

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