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Bellevue Eastside Journal Newspaper
Eastside Journal Bellevue, Washington

by Nick Perry

BOTHELL, 2001 -- Bigfoot is alive, and thriving on fresh salmon and butter clams in the Hoh Rain Forest, according to Cliff Crook, a Bothell Bigfoot enthusiast. Crook has just returned from a week's expedition to the Hoh, and says he has brought back incontrovertible evidence a small clan of Bigfoots are in town -- including two plaster-cast footprints measuring 15 inches and 17 inches, 11 hairs, and piles of empty clam shells.

His journey came after Gene Sampson reported finding footprints and hearing a ``bam, bam, bam, stop, bam, bam, bam'' noise just behind his house on the Hoh Indian Reservation. Sampson says he believes the noise was three of the creatures cracking open clams they had collected from a nearby marsh. In another development, an Idaho university professor abandoned his investigation of the Hoh site after, he says, Crook ruined the only footprint worth studying by taking the plaster cast.

Crook has been chasing Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, for more than 40 years. He said the Hoh discovery is the most exciting evidence he has ever seen of Bigfoots -- the large, ape-like creature some people claim to have seen in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere. One recent report came from southern Oregon and Northern Californians also have Bigfoot adherents. "They have come up for the salmon run, and will be gone down south again in about two weeks,'' Crook said Monday at his Bothell home. The beasts will probably return to Mount Rain.

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