Bigfoot Encounters

Karl Shuker's "Alien Zoo" column

'Fortean Times' (FT152) November 2001


"Cryptozoological Kyrgyzstan"

The former Soviet Republic of Kyrgyzia, now an independent central Asian country renamed Kyrgyzstan, has not previously attracted much attention from cryptozoologists. But all of this may now change -- thanks to the recent discovery in its mountainous Aktalinsky region of mysterious footprints reminiscent of those of man-beasts previously reported further south in the neighboring Pamir mountains of Tajikistan 20 years ago. Measuring 18 in (45 cm) long and 12 in (30 cm) wide, they were apparently found by a frontier guard, who claimed he saw them outlined against the clay bank of a mountain river flowing through this remote region.

© Fortean Times, November 2001

Source credit Nick Sucik, Hawaii

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