Bigfoot Encounters

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6 Rivers National Forest January 2009 Sean Fries & Duncan Jensen find deformed tracks...
Alpine County, Ebbetts Pass 1973

Angeles National Forest, Los Angeles County 1995
Angeles Nat'l Forest, Los Angeles County 2003
Burst Rock, Stanislaus National Forest, September 2000
Butte County, Sly Creek Reservoir 1997
Butte County, Bald Rock 2000
Caribou Wilderness, 1980
Catalina Island, October 1987
Calaveras County, Alpine Lake October 2010 - tracks found leading into water
Del Norte County May 2005
Two Yurok girls see large male, they stare at each other
Del Norte County April 20, 2005 - Tracks finally photographed near Six River Park
Del Norte County, January 2005 tracks seen across hwy 199 through Patrick Creek Camp
Del Norte County, September 2005 trucker see huge sasquatch, reports it to investigator...
Del Norte, Trinity and Humboldt Counties, 1990's
Del Norte County, March 1997
Del Norte County 1999
Mono County East Lake
Edwards Air Force Base, 1977
Edwards Air Force Base
El Dorado County, November 2000
Gridley, on the Feather River, 1980
Happy Camp footprint found August 2005
with track photograph
Happy Camp
Happy Camp News ...carries occasional list of sightings
Holcomb Creek area, San Bernardino County, 1992 or 1993
Humboldt County, Bluff Creek Al Hodgson's story
Humboldt County Sometime in the 1990's
Humboldt County, 2001
Humboldt County, Onion Lake 2007 tracks found w/photo
Humboldt County, Aiken's Crk Campground, tracks found 3/photos
Humboldt County, September 1991
Humboldt County, 1970's
Hupa Tribe, Humboldt County
Inyo County, 1972
Jones Camp 1967
Kern County, 1987
Lake Hughes, 1985
Lake Tahoe, late summer 1986
Lake Tahoe, 24 August 2000
Marin County, 1989
Mendocino County, 2001
Mendocino County, 1992 "The Lost Trail Incident"
Mendocino County, December 1970
Mendocino County, December 1977
Mendocino County, June 1988
Mendocino County
Merced County, September 1973
Modoc County, April 2001
Modoc County, March 1999
Mono County, 30 October 2000
Morro Bay & Atascadero, May 1994
Northern California, March 1999
Orange County 2001
Oroville, 1 September 2000
Oroville, 1997
Phelan, Mojave Desert Region, 1977
Placer County, Lake Tahoe 2001
Quartz Hill Los Angeles County, 1979
Redding, December 1994
Round Valley Indian Reservation
San Bernardino County, no date
San Bernardino Mountains, 1993

San Bernardino Mountains, 1999, April

San Bernardino Mountains, 1986 Big Bear Lake
San Gabriel Mountain, Sycamore Flats 1976
San Gabriel Mountains, Pasadena
San Diego County, 1981
Santa Monica Mountains, 1989
Sierra City
Shasta County, Platina 2000
Shasta County notes, 2003

Siskiyou County 1996
Truck driver narrowly misses sasquatch on California Interstate
Siskiyou County 2002 Audubon members find tracks around backpacks
Siskiyou County 1999 Smallish tracks found in snow..
Sonoma County
Taylorsville, Plumas County, February 1994
Tehama County
Trinity County, California 1960
Trinity County, 1965 and 1969, Wildwood
Trinity County, October 2, 1998 Camper Tim Ford is startled by nighttime visit of BF
Trinidad, 21 June 2000
Tulare County
Tuolumne County, June 2004
Conservation Corp people see sasquatch
Tuolumne County, September 2007 - footprints found on Merced River sandbar...
Twenty-Nine Palms - The Yucca Man
Yuba and Feather Rivers, 1988

*Additional recorded sightings and reports by the IBS

*Additional brief notations in California and other states...

*Older California brief notations ...

Siskiyou County, California, Happy Camp
I spent many summers in Happy Camp and didn't see bigfoot but, did see a few footprints and found long hairs on trees and shrubs. Even though I never saw it I still believe. I still go back to Happy Camp occasionally and still keep an eye open. Maybe some day I will be lucky. Ann Onn

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