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Trinity County, California
Nearest City: Wildwood in the Trinity National Forest
July 1965 and 1969
Closest Road: Hwy 36

I'm Ben Foster from Northern California. I got involved in this research earnestly in 1963 I was a logger in Trinity wilderness for over 20 years. Myself and another friend found these large tracks made casts of them and gave the story to the hometown paper. Shortly after that I was in contact with Jerry Crew who had came across similar tracks in the 1950s.

It just snowballed from there, people started dropping in wanting to pay me to guide them to the area I found the tracks, and I did several times but not for pay, for all the knowledge I could gather on this creature. I have been blessed to see it 3 times and blessed to have been one of the few that was able to follow the migration of a family of 3 for 5 seasons.

I was also blessed in meeting a lot of great people Like Roger Patterson, Rene Dahinden, George Haas and John Green and that's just a few. But I learned a great deal from these fore- runners in this research, and that brings up another matter of respect these men didn't always see eye to eye but they managed to teach enough that we have a new generation of Bigfoot hunters. I'm now 55 married and a transplant Texan and have made many new friends here.

In 1966 several others and myself were in the Trinity national forest near Wildwood California. We stopped at The Wildwood Inn when a friend Elden Brackett spotted bigfoot and some dogs fighting. He was about 8 ft tall reddish brown very hairy and smelled bad. Needless to say old bigfoot won the battle we followed the tracks 1/2 mile into a creek and couldn't find where he came out of the water. I'm mentioned in many books as to the expeditions I was involved in by Mr. John Green and I have encountered the creature on several occasions. Bigfoot sightings in that area in the 1960's were a very common occurrence.

Calling Bigfoot In Close

A thought came to mind when talking to a fellow Bigfoot hunter I met in the 60s. I wont give his name as I don't have his permission. For those who hunt him in the wilderness areas, I suggest you use salmon as bait It worked for us then and should now. We hung the fish about 14 feet up in the trees in an area where we found tracks and sure enough we found he got them during the darkness of night. We could hear him but we could not see him, when we used our flashlights it caused him to flee. But today we have night vision equipment that would allow one to see him and not be detected.

On another occasion, myself and 18 other people spotted the creature stuffing what turned out to be the carcass of a deer into a tree for safe keeping.

We had heard three creatures kill the deer. It was 8 feet tall about 600 lbs --its color was reddish brown.

Wildwood, California is in the high mountains of Northern California still very rugged and tough terrain. I notified Mr. John Green, The Forestry Service; 18 people saw it. Yes please stay in touch I'll be happy to share my experiences with you.

Ben E. Foster
Wednesday, May 08, 2002 1:41 PM

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