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Modoc County, California
April 2001

10:00 at night, Warner Mountains, Modoc National Forest- Hwy 299 near Cedarville, California.
Mountain pass from Alturas east to Surprise Valley. Summit of the pass is about 6500 feet.

Sheriff Bruce Mix and Game Warden Cal Albright were notified.

At first we saw the silhouette, not sure of what it was at that point. It then crossed the hwy in front of the car and our first thought was it was a man running across the hwy. Then it got into the headlights of our car and we then realized what we were seeing as we could see the profile of it fairly clear. It then went over the edge of the hwy out of sight and no I did not go back at that time to investigate.

The next morning we went back and found the tracks. None too clear but clearly they were bigger than mine. It looked as if it went off the edge of the road just out of sight then back up to the hwy two times within ten twelve foot of each other. That particular night we only saw one other vehicle so it could have very easily walked miles of the hwy, in either direction without being seen. The mountain pass is about 20 mi. long.

It was not alarmingly tall about six and a half foot tall, 250 or more pounds but very hairy like an ape and very dark almost black fur, longer than normal arms and kind of loped across the hwy never looking at us. About the closest we got to this creature was about 40 to 50 ft. We could clearly see the edges of the feet, the edges of the palms of the hands and a slight little bit the face which all appeared flesh tone with the headlights of the car shining on him.

Submitted to Bobbie Short on April 6, 2001 at 16:52:43
Follow-up by Researcher Tom Morris could not be completed due to weather conditions in the area.

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