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Humboldt County, California
January 2009

Sean Fries and D. Jensen are investigators up in the Six Rivers National Forest
of Northern California;  a vast and densely forested region centered just below the Oregon Border in California's beautiful coastal mountain range....both Jensen & Fries work for David Paulides, investigator/author of "The Hoopa Project" and his group, NABS.

Recently the two went back to an area they had been watching off and on for some months to scout around; as Sean wrote: "We discovered a straight
line of tracks that went on for roughly 250 yards...these tracks went at an angle from right to left down the road laying down tracks in a straight line that were 17 1/2 inches in length from heel to toe with a stride of 48 inches from right heel to left heel; the left great toe was noticably disfigured." 

Fries said it was hard to say what caused the injury to the toes. The two men tracked the creature down the road where they met up with two brothers on 4-wheelers coming off the mountain towards them.

The brothers, who had lived up in that region for thirty years, stopped to talk to Fries & Jensen. These two brothers were familiar with the tracks because of the toe disfigurement and as a matter of fact one of them killed a deer during hunting season but before he could get to the kill this creature, estimated at roughly nine feet tall, beat him to his kill and carried it off.

Janary 30, 2009
3 photos © Sean Fries