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Quartz Hill, Los Angeles County, California 1979

A woman that works for me states that her husband in 1979 spotted a Bigfoot type being in Quartz Hill, California (approximately 1 mile west Lancaster, California). Being born in Lancaster I have heard often of the stories of sightings. I was an unbeliever until 1982 when I had my own encounter in the Kennedy Meadows area of the Golden Trout Wilderness Area. I thought that the Quartz Hill sighting should be added to your list. This woman and her husband are very creditable. The being approached her property and looked over her fence surrounding her backyard. The alert of their dogs yielded the need to investigate. When her husband walked out and approached the area, he spotted the being. The being ran one way and the husband ran back in his house. Thanks for reading. You may also want to look into the Tehachapi Mountain Park area also. I have been searching there for 14 years. Some leads, enough to keep making go back every 2-3 weeks.

Bob Hadley (, Saturday 29 Apr 2000.