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San Bernardino County, California
Near Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino National Forest
San Bernardino Mountain Range
April 1999 10:30

Closest Water: Deep Creek
Closest Road: Hook Creek Road
The terrain was mountainous pine forest

My wife and I were hunting wild Turkeys between the Boy Scout Camp and Deep creek (near Lake Arrowhead) on April 26th 1999. The morning hunt was a lot of fun, we had Turkeys gobbling near us, but we did not bag one. By 10:30 AM, we found a comfortable place too take a break and have something too eat. I then did what I normally do after eating...I took a nap.

I was awaked from my nap by a very loud THUMP THUMP THUMP! I sat up too see what it was that made the sound, and my wife was looking intently in the direction that the sound came from. I asked her if she heard something? She said that she SAW something. I asked her "What did you see"? She said that she saw a hunter, and he was running. I then asked her "How do you know it was a hunter, was he wearing Cammo"? She said NO, he was all covered in FUR! She said that she only said hunter because, "It moved on two feet like humans do, and it was running". She said that it ran and hid behind a tree, but she did not see it get away. I watched the area for a short while, and I saw nothing. What ever it was moved through our area very quickly, and she only caught a glimpse of two or three strides from a side angle. She described it saying, "It was taller than a man, thin, covered with fur, and it ran on two legs like a human".

I did not report this sighting soon after it occurred because I did not think that a Big Foot roamed the San Bernardino Mountains. Only after reading the two reports of Big Foot tracks found near the same area we had our sighting did I report this. We only told family and friends. Laura Reed (760) 955-xxxx
Friday, April 05, 2002 10:30 PM
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As I often do lately, this report was passed on to an alternate investigator. Editor of the Bigfoot Times Newsletter Daniel Perez covered this report.
He writes:
"It happened between the Boy Scout Camp and Deep Creek (near Lake Arrowhead) on April 26, 1999, while Ron (fireman from Upland) and his wife, Laura Reed, were wild turkey hunting. This incident occurred at 10:30 a.m. The couple heard turkeys gobbling but did not "bag one." The report states the couple had something to eat, and Ron took a nap but was shortly awakened by "THUMP, THUMP, THUMP!" Says the report, "I sat up to see what it was that made the sound, and my wife was looking intently in the direction that the sound came from." She said she saw a hunter, covered in fur, running and "only caught a glimpse of two or three strides" before the subject hid behind a tree. Laura Reed stated it was not a bear, and by telephone Ron, the husband, told me the subject looked like the Patterson-Gimlin film subject, "but thinner." As for height, she simply said it was taller than a man. Ron's also told me his father, in 1977, saw gigantic, manlike tracks in the snow in the Mammoth Lakes area of California and followed them for about a mile and was simply "horrified" someone would be out walking without shoes in the snow. "
April, 2002 Daniel Perez