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Alberta, Canada April 2011
Informant sends in photos of tracks in snow in Grande Cache on Sunday April 3, 2011

Tracks found leading into Lake Alpine in Calaveras County Route 4 High Sierras - October 2010


Fairfield, Jefferson County, March 2009 sighting... article is HERE

California, Siskiyou County
Dr. Jim Karl finds baby tracks along side adult tracks on a side road off Indian Creek Road March 2009 photos...

Ohio, Harrison County, Lake Clendening ..a beautifully formed Baby Track found... March 2009 photos...

6 Rivers National Forest, Humboldt County, California .... January 2009

Sean Fries located cripple tracks in snow, first of the New Year
With track photos...

Near Pitt Lake, British Columbia .... February 2009
Randy Brisson and his son found very rare 5 inch baby tracks in slushy snow along side a logging road; the accompanying adult tracks were 14 inches long with splayed toes. A splayed toe is the result of an inherited defect where the tendons & ligaments that hold the digits are relaxed See story and photos

Near Estacada, Oregon Clackamas County February 2009
A couple of quad-riders find tracks in snow in a camp site at the end of a couple of logging roads, sent
in a cell phone photo

Washington State
Larry Battson reports 23.5 inch 5 toed tracks photographed in Keller, Washington, May 2009

Farmington Man find tracks: see left frame under "Articles" Whitman County, Washington January 23, 2008

Sighting in Seeley, Sawyer County, Wisconsin, see left frame under "Articles" Sawyer County WI...January 2008

January 15 - Mysterious tracks discovered everywhere nearby River Road West, Plains, Sanders County, Montana measuring 16 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches wide with a clear 5 foot stride. The Valley Press/Mineral Independent carried the story in the newspaper, two pages long.

British Columbia
April 2007 A woman reports a sasquatch was sighted in Briggs Inlet by Heiltsuk Nation Loggers while they were Hali logging. This region is between Florence and Coldwell Peninsula, North of Bella Bella, Coast Land District - British Columbia. (Kristian)

- February 2007 Another long straight line of tracks was found by Randy Brisson in Golden Ear Provincial Park on the main road into the park, photograph HERE.

Wawa, Ontario Canada
September 2007 Sudbury man sees Sasquatch walk into the woods, finds tracks...

April 27, 2007 Woman who was out hunting Morel mushrooms in Putnam County, Indiana saw a seven foot tall sasquatch watching her pick mushrooms; she tells her husband and they report the sighting to Larry Battson Wildlife Educational Services.

March 2007 Witness writes in about a sighting in Frontenac, Goodhue County, MN of an upright walking skinny "bear" observed nosing around underneath snow covered pine trees, afraid, witness left the area abruptly ...

February 2007 - Freedom, Waldo County - A veteran school bus driver observes a sasquatch, later her family finds 16-inch footprints spaced out about 7 feet.... see Maine (ME) listing under "sightings"...

Thanksgiving, November 2006 -- Two Native American ladies recall the Meddybemp Howler story from their childhood... See Maine listings under stories...

January 2006
Logging truck driver sees 3 different size sasquatches cross the road in front of his truck...

12 January 2005 Gardner, Washington County, Maine 2005 - Richard "Dick" Brown of Sidney, Maine and a Wendigo researcher for 40 years reports the tracks he found was on 12 January 2005. They were 1 mile north of Route 201 in Gardner, Maine. They measured 16" long, 7 inches at toes. The stride was 7 ft. It was at 2:30 pm. “The tracks went for a mile then I quit.”

Labor Day Weekend 2004
Grad zoology student and his girl friend witnessed a huge bigfoot dive into the Mooselookmeguntic Lake at dusk. They did not see it surface, but it was by then dark outside. See Maine listings...

August 2007 Placer County, Lake Tahoe -- campers find enormous tracks near campground marshie area that measured 18x7.

September 2007 - Joe Colossa discovered and photographed juvenile sasquatch tracks wandering about a sandbar on the Merced River in Yosemite during his vacation with wife and daughter.

March 2007 Multiple witnesses write to say they watched 3 or more sasquatches swimming off shore between Trinidad Head Rock and Flat Iron Rock and along the shoreline in Trinidad, Humboldt County during the winter months. That area of the beach has forest coverage down to the beach and a history of sightings by locals both on the beach and crossing hwy 101.

April 2007 - Deschutes County near Three Sisters area, USGS worker sees ten foot tall red-brown sasquatch near his truck; it then wandered across the road, glanced at him and went into the timber April 11, 2007.

February 2007 -- A very surprised Maple Grove, Hennepin County man writes that he has seen what can only be described as a sasquatch on a hill near his house squatting and standing up, squatting and standing up as if to avoid being seen, -repeating this action for approximately 25 yards across a hill top. The area is near a deer trail...

February 2007 -- Home owner finds and casts multiple 17-inch tracks in backyard in Birch Bay, Whatcom County , Washington.

Ontario, Canada
Fresh tracks discovered by property owner in Haliburton, December 2006 (Listed under "stories..")

Nevada - Utah border...
October 2006
-Hunting for Indian arrowheads in a remote area, witness is shocked to see a smallish 5 foot tall sasquatch making it up a hill with no trouble; a hill the witness had great difficulty climbing. Witness suffers ridicule, -this is listed under "stories"

Clinton County, October 22, 2006 along the Wapsipinicon River just outside of Follets, Iowa, fisherman see sasquatch foraging...

Quebec, Canada
Big rig driver describes sasquatch on the 117 north out of Val D'or, Quebec, CA September 5, 2006

Edmonton, Alberta
April 14, 2006 Driver sees sasquatch between Ft. Assiniboine and Swan Hills at around 9:15pm cross the road and walk off into the timber.

Washington State
March 2006 - A clerk at the Hoquiam gas station said she had seen tracks, hair stuck in branches twelve feet up and heard strange sounds while camped deep in the woods. She also said her two dogs, who are normally brave were scared to death during one possible encounter... (Karl)

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
2005 December A row of footprints in deep snow was found by investigator David Merryfield
Story located on this website has three photographs... The story and photos are HERE.

2005 January 23, Sunday Teller County, Colorado Photos taken of excellent trackway in snow near Crags Campground NE of Pike’s Peak & SE of Divide, NE of Cripple Creek; stride was approximately 5 to 7 feet and the footprints approximately 20 inches with consideration of the snowmelt. See photo

South Carolina

2005 March, Sumter County hunters see sasquatch run from field, return next day with digital camera to take photographs of tracks. See photo

Manitoba, Canada
2005 April 16th Saturday: Bobby Clarke videotapes three minutes of a seven foot sasquatch near Georgina Henry's house in Norway House, Manitoba; CBC television has clip airing now... 19 April 05 See this website, left frame under "what's new?" for video clip. The tracks are said to be 18 inches and the creature's step was approx 6 feet.

2004 February Ben Santel reports two tall black apes were spotted in Madison County near Edwardsville February 2004 10:24 p.m. They were about 8 to 10 foot tall. We had seen them while we were playing airsoft in the woods by my house. It wasn't the first time I had seen them. It is a wooded area with a 2 acre part in the center with just tall grass. There is lake on the west side; the closest road is 250. Ben Santel

British Columbia

1991 - New uploaded photo of a very clear footprint in mud found at Fort Nelson B.C., which is mile 300 on the Alaska Highway taken by Tom Mc Burnie ...

2005 March 10, Tom Steenburg is investigating another recent sighting, this time at Half Moon Bay on the Sunshine Coast.

2005 February 13 -- A sighting Sunday of a sasquatch outside Squamish, BC, Sunday...

2004 -December 09 -- Two women driving in a car on the Island Highway last night at 8:30 p.m. between Port Alberni and Tofino narrowly missed hitting a large Sasquatch that had stepped on to the roadway in front of them. According to the witness, the Sasquatch stood its ground directly in front of the vehicle until it became scared by other approaching cars and quickly ran into the forest the at roadside. This is the same area where there was a sighting by the Frank family in 2002. The women described the animal being cover in dark fur and between six and seven feet tall. They stated it looked more human than ape-like. The witnesses also stated that it was not a bear.

New Mexico
2005 Colfax County, New Mexico Sunday January 30, 2005
Angel Fire Ski lift: Footprints were sighted by a older married couple who saw tracks from a ski lift. The tracks trailed off into the line of trees to their right. The trail of tracks they said were made in fresh powder, approximately 15 inches deep on top of a snow pack near the main summit. The informants said the trail was fresh, not kicked-up snow, but a straight line of tracks from one side of the ski lift to the other on their first early morning ski-lift ride up the mountain. The tracks went directly under the lift, which they estimated to be at the 10,000-foot elevation level and in deep snow. The weather was brisk but clear and not snowing at the time. The woman said she was of Ashiwi Indian and Spanish heritage and her maternal great-grandmother, whose parents were inhabitants of the Shiwona territory in what is now New Mexico first warned her of the “Great Atahsaia” when she was very young. They believed Atahsaia is a bad spirit hair-covered cannibal giant that kidnaps little children and women, taking them away to the great Spirit Mountain. Today the informant called the creature ‘bigfoot,’ admonishing as she talked that "bigfoot was not to be tracked down or hunted, it is a bad omen of things to come."
Filed Tuesday February 1, 2005.

Washington State

24 March 2005 - Sasquatch investigator Brian Smith of Walla Walla, Washington took this photo when he found the tracks of a single sasquatch, however heavy rains that day defused quality of tracks made by a single creature. Tracks were 54 to 56 inches apart and 14.5 inches long .The Scenic Loop Road tracks (a few miles from Walla Walla in the Blue Mountain foothills) were found when Brian was with the film crew from Planet Grande Pictures, shooting their documentary for the television show "Small Town Secrets."

2004 May, - Clallam County, Washington 32 miles east of Forks, WA footprints photographed

27 November 2004 Vance Orchard received a report today from some 4-wheelers who saw big foot prints in 18 inches of snow, coming out of the woods and headed down into the South Fork Walla Walla River ...tracks were of a single and were 18-20 inches in length... witnesses said they could "see the tracks as far as the eye could see... " 

29 June 2000 - Port Angeles, Washington. A forestry manager for the Suquamish Tribe allegedly sees Bigfoot in the forest.

27 June 2000 - Hoh Reservation, Washington. Giant footprints found, unidentifiable noises are heard, and Sasquatch-suspected hair from matted grass beds are found in the woods by Gene Sampson and Cliff Crook. Hair to be DNA tested later this month.

24 June 2000 - Olympic National Park, Washington. Sasquatch footprints are found along the Sol Duc River. 21 June 2000 - Mount Pilchuck State Park, Washington. Hikers find large footprints.

16 June 2000 - Darrington, Washington. Big footprints are found along the Mountain Loop Highway.

5 June 2000 - Orting, Washington. An elderly woman sees an unidentifiable giant hairy creature pass by her car. 3 June 2000 - Orting, Washington. A family reports finding large footprints on their property.


Magnitude 7.2 OFF THE COAST OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA June 15, 2005 Felt widely in Southern Oregon and Del Norte County, CA, with brief tsunami watch issued for the entire west coast from Mexico to Alaska followed by a Magnitude 6.7 OFF THE COAST OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA June 17, 2005 and many smaller earthquakes including a strong 5.0 June 19, 2005. Is there a connection between these quakes and the rash of BF sightings and encounters in northwestern California?

August Siskiyou County, California -- Another track cast in Happy Camp, California, totaling 8 reports of tracks found and sightings in that area that I have recorded in 2005. Photo of cast is uploaded...

2005 September Del Norte County, CA Trucker Travis Cover sees huge sasquatch, reports it to investigator:

2005 April 20th Del Norte County, CA -- Dr. J. Karl, Ph.D., finds a row of tracks in melting snow, approx 16 inches in length near Six Rivers Park. Photographs were taken

2005 May 8, Del Norte County, CA two Yurok girls stop truck on Little Jones Creek Road and encounter a huge male creek devil who stares at them. Their description is detailed under SBS California Del Norte County

2005 Del Norte County, January 7:30 am
A traveling salesman reported he saw tracks that "seemed to walk with great leaps" into and through Patrick Creek Campground 3 weeks ago in a dusting of snow on the north side.  He said he was driving along hwy 199 and stopped to read the board there at the entrance to Patrick Creek Campground, which is north of the town of Gasquet, CA. When he finished perusing the board, he stayed for a few minutes to take a leak, and then enjoyed the tranquility and the cold breeze blowing when he noticed the tracks.  The informant said he didn't go into the campground, but at first observed the tracks from a distance at the entrance board then realized they must have come from across 199 and go into and through the grounds of the park. The campground was closed and he was in a hurry to drive onto Cave Junction across the state line in Oregon for an appointment. But he said even with the distortion in the snow, the tracks were a good deal larger than his size 11 boot and the length between footprints stretched beyond his own capability. It was a single line of tracks, one creature. No other information no camera with informant.

2002 June, nearby Gasquet, California, a couple opening up their cabin for the summer, taking stuff to the house from the trunk of their car - - back and forth to their trash barrel, watched a sasquatch standing in the middle of their driveway watching them. They froze, just looking at each other, then went back into the house but didn't know what to do. The phone was not connected and they were not armed. "We heard they were around these parts for years, but never seen one before this," he told the investigator. "We don't know what it was doing there, but when we got nerve to look out again, it was gone anyway. It was dark brown to black and very tall with shoulder bulk. I guess they do exist." Several 15 inch tracks were found in the dirt.

April 2001 a large sasquatch described as like the Patterson film creature crossed the road near the town of Etna, California around 11 o'clock Thursday night with a smaller sasquatch in tow. The informants said the creatures were clear in their highbeam headlights and did not look at their on coming car. They both were quite black in color and in a hurry crossing in a southerly direction. The larger one seemed larger than what the informants saw in the Patterson film, but witnesses claimed it could have been their imagination, stating they only saw the Patterson film once on television but felt it was the same kind of upright walking "something."

1999 On the morning of May 9, a 25-year old woman known in the area as a volunteer firefighter said she saw an 8-foot tall Bigfoot apparently trying to catch fish in Ewing Reservoir, north of Hayfork. The woman said she got within about 70 feet before the creature saw her and disappeared into the woods. "Her story sounds pretty credible," according to the late Bob Everett

1999 - October, a man named Tim Ford from Redding, California was camping with family and friends in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest when he reportedly spotted a Bigfoot. His sighting attracted statewide attention when he reported it to the Department of Fish and Game. (Investigated by Bob Everett for Bigfoot Encounters)

May 18, 1999 a man spotted a huge hairy creature crossing a dirt road between Hayfork and Hyampon, two small towns on Hayfork Creek in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Bob Everett stated this was the third bigfoot report in recent days.


18 May 2000 - Grants Pass, Ore. A motorcyclist reports seeing Bigfoot. 7 May 2000 - Troutdale, Ore. Campers find a set of tracks in the wilderness.


Summer 2000 - Current ongoing discussions and investigations of Bigfoot sightings in and around Pineville, Louisiana near Toledo Bend Lake.

Summer 2005 - James "Big J" Smithers bass fishing in his favorite cove on Toledo Bend Lake spotted something on the shore that was sitting under a tree. The figure was dark, covered in black hair. Smithers said "I think it was watching us fish, but I'm not sure what it was doing." There was another boat with an older couple crappie fishing, they pointed to it and nodded that they saw it too. Smithers thought it might be a joke, but it was very hot on the lake that weekend and "a clown in a gorilla costume would be overcome by the heat inside that thing." They decided to tell Fish and Game.

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