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Del Norte County, CA
January 2005 around 7:30 am

A traveling salesman reported he saw tracks that "seemed to walk with great leaps" across Patrick Creek Campground 3 weeks ago in a dusting of snow on the north side. 

He said he was driving along hwy 199 and stopped to read the board there at the entrance to Patrick Creek Campground, which is north of the town of Gasquet, CA.

When he finished perusing the board, he stayed for a few minutes to take a leak, and then enjoyed the tranquility and the cold breeze blowing when he noticed the tracks. 

The informant said he didn't go into the campground, but at first observed the tracks from a distance at the entrance board then realized they must have come from across 199 and go into and through the grounds of the park.

The campground was closed and he was in a hurry to drive onto Cave Junction across the state line into Oregon for an appointment.

But he said even with the distortion in the snow, the tracks were a good deal larger than his size 11 boot and the length between footprints stretched beyond his own capability. It was a single line of tracks, one creature. No other information.

Filed February 2, 2005