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El Dorado County, November 2000

Closest Road: Interstate 50
Nearest city: Placerville, California
Five-Mile Terrace Mountain Range, gentle sloping 3000 ft level

Footprint found: approximately 6+ inches wide with large toes, the heel area may not be included in the 10 - 12" length. It was in my gravel driveway and the rear of the print was dense gravel tapering to slight mud. I took a plaster cast of it. I noticed you had another person in this area back in 1997 who took a plaster cast near a river, feel free to give them my email info for them to contact if they wish.

Additional contact information available to the other person/s who found footprints in 1997. Contact Bobbie Short mention "Royce in El Dorado County."

REMOTE_USER: Royce Ratterman

Report taken by Bobbie Short: Sunday, November 19, 2000 at 21:47:50