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Del Norte County, California
Crescent City 1999

We are middle-aged couple from Longview, Washington. We were on a trip to Reno and
Tahoe. Went over to California and back up the coast going home to Longview, WA. Ahead on the road about dark was what I thought was a statue on the right. Suddenly ran or more correctly bounded across the road in front of our care perhaps 20 feet in fact I thought I might hit it. To fast for a human, approx 7 to 8 feet and large looked like the pictures, except could not see the face. In bounding I mean used all legs and not two to go across the road in front of us. We, my wife and I are not skeptical any more.
Please respond. Thanks - Pat and Carol Milne

Postscript from later correspondence: "The animal was standing upright on the side of the road. When he ran he was on two legs but used his arms to leap about the middle of the road. Nearest town is Crescent City coming out of the Pacific Coast highway north real near the ocean. We stopped at the Azteca Restaurant and told the owner about the encounter, large about 7 feet tall and 300 to 500 pounds. Resembled the pictures. Dark black fur."

Report taken by Bobbie Short: Friday, September 28, 2001 12:32 AM