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1970's -
Humboldt County, California

Although I tell the stories occasionally I have never officially reported any of these sighting to anyone. For several years I worked for the Bureau of Public Roads (the old BPR) under the Federal Hwy Administration. We only worked in National Parks and National Forests. Working in these somewhat remote locations Bigfoot opportunities seemed to crop up every time I turned my head.

1) We were surveying a timber access road about 5-miles up the Bluff Creek Road, at that time a dirt road ran along side the creek for a ways. From there we hike into the area to be timbered and survey out to the main road to avoid advance bidder inquiries. Hiking in one morning in July 1974 we noticed how quiet it was. Usually there are birds and other animal sounds. I had a German Shepard and my fried had his Husky with him, both dogs stayed right under our feet and weren't running and playing as they normally did. We sat down on a deer trail to rest. Between my friend and I we noticed a footprint in the dust of the trail. We followed the tracks to the area where we had been working the day before. We followed the tracks for about 200 feet and at that point they broke over the top of the ridge into some fairly thick growth. While standing there trying to decide if we should follow the tracks we heard a blood curdling scream which answered our question for us. The tracks were measured at 16-1/2 inches long and the stride was measured at just over 6 feet heel to toe. We took pictures of the tracks and included a wad of hair we found hanging on a sharp limb about 6 feet off the ground, and mailed them to our office in Denver Colorado. We were afraid to go back out there but our office told us we could carry guns if we wanted. We decided against that but did manage to go back out there and collect the samples we mailed to the office.

2) I was living in Sequoia National Park staying in a park service cabin in November 1970. I was alone in the cabin as the fire season was pretty much over. While lying on my cot one night, I see the silhouette a large head and shoulders pass my window and wondered who was outside. It dawned on me that the window was 6 feet above the ground. I didn't sleep much the rest
of the night.

3) Also in Sequoia but only reported to me. Our contractor sent his backhoe operator and a labored up to the borrow pit to bring the backhoe down to the project sight. The borrow pit is a location away from the road where additional soil may be excavated for the roadwork we were doing. In short time the truck they we in came running down the road. These two men walked up to my boss and I and asked if there had been any sightings of Bigfoot in the area. It seemed that when they arrived at the pit they noticed large footprints all around the equipment. They followed the prints over to a steep bluff and there standing at the top of the bluff they saw a large, hairy creature obviously upset that they were there, They said the creature was hitting the ground and screaming to the point they decided they had better leave.

I also was privy to a sighting just outside of Hayfork, California. While with a Survey Crew working at Peanut but staying in the real nice forest service barrack facilities in Hayfork. I had to make a trip that day so did not go out to the field. I was in the mess hall making a late breakfast when 3 forest service types came in. One was obviously distressed. Seemed the other two were trying to calm him down. I guess (as they told the story) this person was marking trees for removal by a timber contractor and had a funny feeling all morning that something was following him. He finally double back along his own trail to see. He said as he walked up to a large tree a giant creature covered with hair stepped right in front of him, saying he was face to face with Bigfoot.

Well, I guess this guy ran off the hill at a pretty good clip and it took a while to stop him. He said he would never go back out there and if my recollection is correct, they brought in a helicopter to take him down the hill.

This happened in February or March 1973…and that's the Hayfork story. That pretty much sums things up. Not my imagination just the way things happen. Take these stories for what they are worth.

Sincerely, Dave Roden
Monday, December 31, 2001 1:36 PM
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