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Taylorsville, Plumas County, California
February 1994

According to a summary in the Bigfoot Co-Op Newsletter, the two men (Farley and Paradiso) were moving Paradiso's belongings to his new home in TayIorsville slightly after midnight when they saw something at the side of the road about five miles east of Quincy, California.

"It had a long gait," said Paradiso, "and its arms were swinging way up and down."

Both men said the creature was hair-covered with a rounded, human-like head, no snout. They reported their sighting to a local police when they reached the town of Quincy. The location is in the Williams Loop area and exactly where two other men had a sighting at midnight on the same day.

Nate Soileau and Dan Fields, Pacific Gas & Electric employees, saw an upright creature nine to ten feet tall by the side of the road. Said Soileau: "It didn't have a snout like a bear. It had a blunt face like a human. It walked across the road and went up the steep bank in nothing flat.

"It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck." Fields added, "I don't know what it was, but it had a lot of black hair. It was a clear night and it was just unreal. If it wasn't Bigfoot, it was somebody on drugs in a gorilla suit messing with traffic."

© Dr. Constance Cameron's The Bigfoot Co-Op Newsletter, 1994

Original article © The Feather River Bulletin by Dave Moiler. Pat Farley, Jerry Paradiso, Nate Soileau, Dan Fields.