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Tuolumne County, California
Yosemite, June 2004

My son wrote me from Yosemite about a bigfoot encounter. My son Rob is a 19 year old who is working for the California Conservation Corp cleaning and building trails up there this summer. He wrote me to tell me there is Bigfoot up there. Then he called a few hours ago to tell me this story:

Seems a worker up there was camping in the Tuolumne meadows, somewhere near a lake. He mentioned " Miguel Meadows" near Lake Vernon, in Yosemite, which is approx Lat:380049N lONG:1194322W, USGS Map: Tiltill Mountain as a hot spot for weird and unusual happenings. He was in his tent ready to go to sleep, and he heard something come running down a hill toward his tent. The feet were hitting the ground with a great thud, and it was bipedal. He told my son that he wasn't scared because he considered himself a dead man at that point. He just needed to decide whether to get out of the tent and run, he figured that would trigger the animal's impulse and chase and kill him, or to get out of the tent and try to pretend he was bigger than whatever was out there. He chose the latter. He got out of the tent and let out the loudest scream he could. Which was returned just about in his face by a much louder scream. The scream was so loud it was deafening, and the guy described it as "Blood Curdling". It scared him very badly. After the creature screamed it ran off. It was dark and the guy described what he saw as something tall, with black fur, and it looked to weigh about 600 pounds, It was standing up like a human. This left the guy kind of shocked and so he went to the nearest camp and was telling some old timers who had lived up there a long time, what happened to him. They then told this kid, that they have had so many weird experiences up there, that nothing surprises them, and they have far too many experiences to even talk about.

My son said they have met local Indians up there that say there is also a creature that they call he "Nu Nu" that they swear live up there. They are short ugly little troll like creatures. The only experience my son has had up there so far is that they were too far from the base camp one day to hike back so they were told to make camp in this old uninhabited conservation corp building. It is used from time to time, but nobody lives or stays there for most of the year. Anyway, he told me he was laying down, about ready to go to sleep and he heard a strange noise. It sounded like something came running up to the outside of the building and made a noise that sounded like "W-A-P-E" and then ran off. He said it really scared the heck out of him. But he didn't try to go see what it was. Well so there you have it, Just ask where the kids from the conservation corp hang outs and you will have lots of potential bigfoot-Nu nu sightings,

Cindy Cherold
Thursday, June 24, 2004 1:20 PM