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Wild man of the woods

Tom Stienstra wrote: "In the past 25 years, I received more than 60 reports of Bigfoot sightings. After being hired to lead a six-week Bigfoot expedition in the 1980s and after some 20,000 miles of hiking, I've never seen Mr. Bigfoot or anything in regard to the myth/legend that I couldn't explain.

But last week, I ran into a taxidermist friend who lives in rural Tehama County, a conservative, well-read, salt-of-the-earth kind of guy, who told me this story:

"On the flank of a mountain (that I'm keeping secret for now until I check the area out) in Northern California, I was involved in a logging operation and was driving with my wife on a remote mountain road. Out of nowhere, what looked like a man covered with fur, about 6-feet tall, jumped out of the woods, ran across the road in front of us, and down into the canyon." The incident took a matter of seconds, he said.

"I got out and looked and it was like it disappeared. It went straight down a shale slope. We came back the next day and could not find a single footprint, trail or anything. But we know what we saw. It was something running upright."

He doesn't tell many people about this, he says, but confides it to me in a matter-of-fact style, and his wife, also a straight-ahead type, sitting alongside, never blinked."
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The above is an out-take from Tom Stienstra's article in the San Francisco Chronicle dated Sunday September 11, 2005