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San Bernardino County, California
Lake Arrowhead - Holcomb Creek area footprints

Recently a friend brought a book on Bigfoot down from Oregon and he asked me if I would like to read it. So I did. In the book it mentioned the fact that a lot of people see evidence of Bigfoot but probably never report it. Well a friend and I saw what we thought was evidence of a Bigfoot type animal on a trail by Holcomb creek (near Lake Arrowhead). This occurred approximately 7-8 yrs ago, late spring-early summer. This friend and I were taking a final hike together before he and his wife moved back to New York State. We came upon huge bi-pedal footprints that were about 13" long and about 6-7" wide at the widest point. We at first thought they were some sort of bear tracks but bear do not walk for any distance bipedally and they show claw marks with the footprint-these prints had no claw marks. I never reported it to anyone because people think you are a kook of some sort. That's my story for what it's worth. After seeing on the website that someone reported seeing tracks in March of this year, I thought my report might be of significance.

Bill Keeler,

Account logged by Bobbie Short on Wed, November 29, 2000.