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”Trucker reports bigfoot Sighting”  

The Brookings, Oregon Curry Coastal Pilot Newspaper September 24, 2005:

Daniel Perez contacted informant, 35-year-old Travis Cover from Brookings, Oregon. Perez notes that Cover himself is 6 feet 7 inches tall.

On highway 199 in Del Norte County, northern California on September 22 at about 5:30 am during a routine drive, Travis Cover noted, “It was still dark outside and I was driving along. I reached down to grab my lunch and when I looked back up there it was, - a big hairy monster standing next to a yellow road sign.”

Mr. Cover told Perez he was driving a conventional truck and was going about his business as a trucker, heading northbound on highway 199 toward Oregon at the time of the sighting. Based on the road sign and further investigation, the head on the bigfoot appeared “parallel to the steering wheel. Mr. Cover estimated the size of the subject at 8 feet 3 inches tall. He remarked to Perez on the phone, “…shit, ..he was so thick, maybe 800 pounds or so… three or four feet thick.”

Daniel Perez asked the informant if he thought it could have been a costumed man, Cover replied, “there’s no way!” Asked if he was scared, Cover replied, “…yeah.” When Cover reported the incident he told Perez he was “talking 90 miles an hour.”

Mr. Cover told the Brookings, Oregon Curry Coastal Pilot Newspaper, “ raised its arm to block the beam from my headlights. I’ve never seen anything like it.” Travis Cover claims an earlier sighting during his boyhood on a family camping trip. He also told Perez that bigfooter Tom Biscardi went up to investigate the matter but he was not overly impressed with his investigation. He has since severed contact with Biscardi. During a follow-up phone call, Cover told Perez he saw a handprint in the area which he suspects might be bigfoot but no photo was taken to document the claim.

Further, investigator Perez was in the general vicinity of Mr. Cover’s sighting in June 2005 following up on other bigfoot sightings. He believes it’s a good area and suspects more report will come from that region.

Coincidentally, another trucker reported seeing something strange off the side of the road only hours later.
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Earlier in the year in April 2005, Dr. Jim Karl photographed a trail of tracks in snow. That report with photos is here:

In January 2005 tracks in snow were found trailing all around Patrick Creek Campground and the road 199, in snow no less, the report is here:

Then once again in the same area, this time reported on Mother’s Day weekend (May 2005) two young Yurok girls stopped their truck on Little Jones Creek Road at the fork of Nf-17N05 and NF17N08. Their uncle reported to investigator Bobbie Short that the girls came home and told him and their grandmother that a giant hair-covered man walked out onto the road and stared at them. They got back into their truck and looked back at where he was, but he was gone. Again this report was of a male sasquatch and that report can be read

Four reports this year, others reported in the Happy Camp News Online including a track found on the side of the mountain by the Happy Camp airport in August of 2005.

It is impossible to know how many sightings go unreported in this region, but it appears the area has a resident sasquatch or two. It would be interesting to get a good track cast from that area for comparisons to known tracks from that area.

You can report Northern California/Southern Oregon tracks by emailing Bobbie Short...

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