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Lake Hughes, California
Near Palmdale

In 1985, while driving through Lake Hughes, California at 1:00A.M. as I was coming over the top of a hill I saw in the distance (at the right side of the road) what appeared to be a huge wolf. As I came over the hill (the time span of this event was only a few seconds) it started across the road in front of me.

Just as it got into my lane, the headlights of my '72 Ford van shined on it and it froze and looked straight at me! This is when I saw that it had a flat face! Like a human's face, not a wolf.

I also saw that it was on its hands and knees, and its back was even with the bottom of the vans windshield! Its eyes were like a human, except the white part was very yellow and bloodshot. The other thing was that its nose looked like a human nose, but it was mostly (not completely) covered with hair. The rest of its body was covered with thick matted dark colored hair. I swerved around it, it did not move. I then asked my wife (she was with me) if we should turn around, but we did not.

The next morning on the way back past that spot, I saw a bunch of photographers taking pictures of the ground across from where I almost hit it. I chickened out and did not stop and have regretted it ever since. I know that what I saw was a Bigfoot! It has been almost 15 years and I can still see its face. Lake Hughes, CA., is located west of Palmdale, CA. It is accessible by driving west from Palmdale on avenue P. Also by driving south on 60th Street West.

By driving south on 110th Street West, and by going south off highway (138) off of Interstate 5. These streets can all be found in the extreme West End of the Antelope Valley. The road is called Lake Hughes Road. You can also get there by going north on Boquet Canyon Road from the Valencia, Newhall area. Write back if you need more specifics, I will try to find one of my old maps of the area., Fri, 3 Dec 1999 10:56:10 -0800