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Orange County, California
April 2001

Irvine Lake near 241 highway
Orange Park Acres,

The area has alot of trees the land is kind of dry - its basically kind of desert like but with alot of trees and high thick grass (usually dry grass).

I know this sounds kind of dumb because Bigfoot are usually huge but my visual was of a small one. But if you can just take some time to look at it or even post it that would be great because even though I was frightened I am more interested in bigfoot and would like to learn more about small bigfoot.

It was around 1:30 am and I had been camping alone, well anyways I was sleeping in my tent until I woke up. I walked to a big tree and started taking a whiz when I heard something from above. I thought it was an opossum so I didn't pay attention. When i finished i started walking back when I smelled something awful coming from the tent I got a little bit spooked. I picked up a big stick and a rock that were near me I moved toward my tent when I saw a creature jump out of my tent and start running toward a tree.

The creature was incredibly quick and after about 25 yards of running it climbed a tree and started swinging trough branches like a monkey! I had my mag-light on it until i couldn't keep up with it. I was really shook up and decided to gather up my stuff and wait for morning. About an hour later. I heard a strange howl not like anything I had ever heard it didn't sound like a coyote or any dog I had ever heard. When morning came I left right away and told no one until now.

The creature was believe it or not small. It was around 5' 4" and looked like it weighed probably around 190 pounds. It had dark brown or black long hair covering all of its body except face. It also howled; they sounded very strange not deep but kind of high pitched. Its face was very hard to see but I am positive it didn't have hair on it.

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