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Sighting near Gridley, California on the Feather River, 1980
Reported Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998

I am under the impression that it is better to leave them alone in the wild than intruding upon their wild lives. Of all the reports I read they can be gentle, curious, which was the case in the sightings I've witnessed. I believe they are also territorial and wild, which means they have the same ability as a cougar or bear to destroy.

It was similar to the animal that had been photograph by Roger Patterson. At the time, Kim and I were riding appaloosas. My horse was a big horse, I'm a big kid, 5 ft 10 inches plus, when I turned around in my saddle I was eye to eye with the creature, it was about 25 to 30 yards away approximately. In an English walnut orchard about 2 trees away or so.

The creature was covered in black hair, thick powerful legs and torso with strong shoulders but not really long arms. What I was drawn to though, were the eyes, like shining caramel brown eyes. The eyes just held me there. The horse was going nuts, bucking, rearing and turning around, so I was busy keeping him under control. I knew thought that if this creature wanted to hurt me, it could have. It's head had a slight cone shape to it. It was an animal of raw looking power between a college power-lifter and a runner (I was a shot-putter and discus thrower in school and college).

This occurred off the road that goes from Oroville and Marysville, California, pretty much running the length of the Feather River. Gridley, California is probably the closest to town. It is about 7 miles from this farm we were riding on. The next ranch on the other side of the fence is a dairy ranch/farm. The orchard is behind the banks that protect the land from the river. The animal's speed was as fast as our horses at a full on run for about 50-75 yards. As soon as Him and I hit the peach orchard it quit follow us. It seems very territorial. All this area lies on the Sierra foothills. Oroville Lakes is about 30 minutes away. The only definite roads I could give you is the lower Honcut Road and the middle Honcut road. They start at the main highway but I can't remember the hwy's name, sorry. One thing I will say is I will never forget the eyes and what it did. It finally turned around gave me one more look and started to stride off. It took big strides. Being the idiot that I am, I thought again, "If it wanted to it could have killed me..." I forced Laddy to follow. The thing looked, turned it's head and look at me, then jumped up into the trees. That is pretty much when I lost it. I turned Laddy around towards home and let him run through the trees. My friend Kim had to stop me and the horse. She told me I was completely white. I was scared. We quit riding for a long time after that. hen I started reading as many books as I could find on Bigfoot.

Informant: Betty Ann Almo