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Mount Morgan, Sierra Nevada Range, Mono County, California - 30 October 2000

My brother Ralph and I enjoy traversing Mt. Morgan in the high Sierras in the fall. We have done so uneventfully for the last ten years with regularity, but don't hunt anymore. You may or may not know this mountain is active with earthquakes being just south of Mt. Morrison and the Mammoth Mountain winter resort. From the peak one can see the Long Valley Caldera Rim and Lake Crowley which are down in the valley to the east side of hwy 395. We were not surprised to awakened just before midnight to the ground shaking (minor earthquake) and a low rumbling like a train which lasted long enough to roust us out of the tent in case trees started to fall around us. We no sooner got outside the tent flap when the earthquake stopped. Shaken and adrenalin pumpin' we lit the Coleman lantern and sat up a while. That is when it happened. We were talking about seismic activity and wondering if this was how Mt. St. Helens started when we saw movement in the trees. I thought it was a bear nervous from the earthquake and reached for my headlamp to switch it on. There, in between two pines a hairy man stood. My brother called out to him but we got no answer. The man looked into my headlamp and his eyes shown back yellow like a deer. That is when we discovered this guy had hair all over him like a bear coat. But it weren't no bear and it walked like upright on two feet. It appeared to have hair on he's arms down to his hands which were manlike but dark skinned and his face looked dark skinned but it could have been the lack of good lamplight. The thing stood there and gave no answer to Ralph. Then I asked what he wanted and it never answered. Then this thing or guy turned around and walked into the darkness. This thing might have been dark brown but we think black with a reddish tint as it turned to walk away.

We're not sure what we saw, but it was something we'd never seen before. This is no pre-Halloween story except for it happened on October 30th right before midnight. My brother and I have families in Bishop, CA., and have known these mountains since we were kids. I'm 57 years old now and known in Bishop. Please do not use my name or it might bother my business trading in town. We searched the internet to find out what this thing might be, do you think we saw a bigfoot? You can phone me at 1-760-873-xxxx, we will take you there to see the footprints. The trail of 3 barefooted prints 16 in. long and 7½ wide, a right foot, a left and another right footprint that we covered with plastic bags. Need assistance. I hope this report helps.

Footprints are being photographed and cast November 2000.

© Witness interviewed by Bobbie Short; both names withheld.