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San Bernardino County, California
Big Bear Lake
February 1986 1:30 am Big Bear Lake off Hwy 18
Mountain terrain, 6500 ft.

We were in Big Bear and we were up there for a skiing trip. We arrived late Friday night on the weekend of February 15, 1986. It started to snow after we got there and being from the city, we went outside to play in it. There were five of us. (Two friends of mine and my two brothers) We were throwing snowballs and having fun when somebody noticed that there was "somebody" watching us.On the road there was a "person" or something standing there quietly. It looked like a tall man in thick winter type clothes. It was dark, so it was all black against the snow on the road, but it was heavy looking. It was at least 6' tall, maybe taller. It was heavy looking and all one color.

At this point, none of us were playing anymore and we started to get scared. We were frozen looking at this thing and I yelled, "hey, who is standing there?" or something like that. I didn't get any response at all. Then I yelled, "if your human, say something" and still no response, so then we got really scared. We continued to stand there for a split second and then we took off back around to our cottage/room.You can call me if you want to for more details. I could probably tell the story better than I can type it. The date is accurate because it was my youngest brothers birthday weekend. I have read many reports from this area on the Internet. I also know a person that used to look for evidence in the 70's and 80's and he told me some interesting stories from our local mountain ranges here in southern California.

Todd A. Hale:

This report was investigated by Daniel Perez, Center for Bigfoot Studies in Norwalk."I phoned Todd A. Hale the other day and he lives in Seal Beach, which is close to Norwalk. All I can say is the report certainly sounds okay and I doubt if it is a joke. The date, February 15, 1986 is very specific as it was Todd's brothers birthday. Unfortunately, he can't pinpoint the area as he just doesn't remember, he was 15 at the time. It's an old report but another one for the southern California books.

'Stay On The Track, Daniel Perez