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Bluff Creek, Humboldt County, California
Story related 6 October 2000 by Al Hodgson

While hunting, a Willow Creek resident was sitting up on an old log landing, high up where she could get a full view of the winding switch back road coming up to where they were camped.

She was sitting in her lawn chair watching down the road and around the bend coming up the road towards her is her son on his motorbike. Running behind his motorbike is this juvenile Bigfoot giving chase until he got close to her and then it apparently went off into the bush.

She believed it to be a juvenile Bigfoot. The woman didn 't say how close the Bigfoot got to the motorbike but it was close enough to her that she could see the features on the creature's face.

When her son got up to her, she asked him if he wasn't afraid of the Bigfoot chasing him up the hill and the kid didn't even know it was behind him. Later they found Bigfoot tracks.

She told this story with the understanding her name wouldn't be used, as she didn't want anyone making fun of her because her whole family had laughed at her over it.

Al Hodgson also related this story to John Green. Green said he suspected that the Sasquatch was a juvenile and was just having some fun.

According to Green, this is consistent with sasquatches chasing kids on bicycles, not really trying to catch them, but just having good-natured fun.

This interesting story is on videotape; told by Al Hodgson in Willow Creek, CA, October 6, 2000.

© The museum tour videotape was provided by Larry Lund and transcribed by Bobbie Short, 11 February 2001.
Bill Miller traveled to Willow Creek to record on videotape, the contents of the newly opened Bigfoot museum to take back to the dying Rene Dahinden who was too ill to travel... one of his last requests was to see the museum... Miller made that possible.