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Twenty-Nine Palms, California
The Yucca Man

In 1971, the early part of the year, The Marine Base here in Twenty-Nine Palms California had an unusual happening. My Husband was in charge of the armory and the night guard (Marine) was found at the rifle range one morning, almost incoherent, his rifle bent almost in two and he described what was to be called "The Yucca Man." The creature was in the dark and the guard had felt or heard a noise of something in the darkened desert, upon raising his rifle and yelling out to halt, the 'thing' came at him taking the rifle away and bending it almost in two!

Investigation of the area and the guard's description was that of a yeti (ABSM). From what I remember, CIA and FBI were called in; many dark suits were roaming around looking for info. Officials were called in and the neighborhood in 29-Palms near the base was found to have 2 Yucca men seen that same night, one quite large and a smaller one with it. At the corner of Valley Vista Street and Utah Trail the resident dogs were barking and people looked out the window to see these creatures. Johnny and Rae saw these Yucca's and reported them to the officials making the investigation at the time. Johnny has since passed on but his wife, Rae, and daughter are still in the area. Further down the same road later on the creatures were observed near a horse corral where the horses were panicky. Early in 71 another sighting was in the Joshua Tree National Monument (now called a park) and the people sighting them were part of the monument employees.

This is a desert area, not well occupied with people and a lot of the area is not accessible. I have not seen or heard anything on the sightings and wonder why!


Report logged by Bobbie Short, Wednesday, February 14, 2001 1:41 PM