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Del Norte County, CA (...a 'ridgewalker' story...)

Late afternoon, May 8th, Mother's Day weekend
Nearest Road was 199 - About 4:30 - 5:00pm

Two young Yurok girls stopped their truck on Little Jones Creek Road at the fork of Nf-17N05 and NF17N08. They reported they got out of the car to have a smoke and not smell up the truck, which belonged to their uncle. The older girl told a joke and the girls were both laughing loudly and running around the truck "just goofing off acting silly" they said, but making a lot of squealing noise in an otherwise very quiet area.

Worn out from running around and generally having fun, they climbed up on the hood of their truck to rest and talked mostly about a cute boy that interested them. After about ten minutes both girls testified they began to "feel really weird."

There was no traffic on the road and they were wrapped up in their teen talk, not paying a great deal of attention to their surroundings when a very large gray-black hair-covered man-like thing got their attention when it walked out onto Little Jones Creek Road and stood very still at the side of the road. The girls said they froze, afraid to move because it might be "so like a ghost," they just stared at the creature. They said it stared back and that its hands were together at mid waist twisting fingers nervously. The session of glaring back and forth at one another went on until the girls decided they should get back in the truck. They said they moved very slowly off the hood and each going toward their own side of the truck got in and locked the doors. When they looked to see if the creature was still there, it was gone. There was no odor and the girls said there was no audible noise from the creature and it did not not approach them, it didn't move once out in plain sight, it only stared at them and then went somewhere in a direction they didn't see.

They started the truck up and left, went home to tell their grandmother and uncle. The grandmother told the girls they had seen the "creek devil" who is "the boss of these mountains" and that those creek devils are curious about young girls, probably attracted by their giggling and horsing around. The girls didn't know how tall it was but yelling into the phone that it was 'huge, bigger than man' and had the shoulders of a giant. They described the hands and fingers were of a man only bigger and that the skin on the hands and upper face was dark skinned. The face was man-like with whiskers on the face and "butt-ugly," they also said it had "visible male genitalia" like Yurok men have only it is dark skinned. Parts of the chest were bare of hair but most parts of the upper torso had hair tight against its body like a short haired dog. Neither girl noticed feet and they didn't see the backside of the creature. They were excited and youthfully graphic in their descriptions.

Towards the end of the interview the uncle took the phone and asked to respect their privacy, that the girls would not be going out on Little Jones Creek Road again and he didn't want bigfoot people "elbowing their way around this place like before."

He said he followed the Manitoba Cree story and didn't want that to happen to them. The uncle also said they know the creatures live there and they want them left alone, they are the "ridge-walkers." He hung up the phone before I could ask about "before" and if that meant there had been other sightings in the area known to them.....that was that, but interesting in that it is my 4th or 5th Del Norte County report in as many months this year and there are probably others reported elsewhere.

Report filed with Bobbie Short Tuesday May 10, 2005
"I have no reason to discount the testimony of these girls, they are among the few witnesses who mentioned certain characteristics of the sasquatch, I personally know to be true but that few informants mention...."