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Oroville (nr Concow), California - 1 September, 2000
Screams heard, no sighting

After reading all of the interesting articles on your website, I feel compelled to share a strange experience I had near Lake Oroville September 1, 2000. My father purchased some land north of Oroville, near "Concow," California.

Set back from the paved road almost a mile, the property is remote enough where you can't see your neighbors. Anyway, sometime in the mid 1980s, on a warm summer night after watching a movie, I needed some fresh air and needed to urinate so I walked outside in the dark to relieve myself. In the distance I can hear a shrill scream every few seconds. I can only describe the screams as a cross between "a woman screaming in agonizing pain and a mountain lion" I have never heard anything like it in my life before then, or after.

The more I listened to the screams, the more terrifying they sounded. I knew then what it meant to have the hair stand on the back of my neck. Those noises effected the way I carried myself in the woods until this day. No recording was made, I seemed to just try to figure out what the sound was but when I realized it was unique I went inside to get others to listen, but I couldn't get any body's interest. It was written off as being unimportant at the time.

© Mr. J. Bruce