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Los Angeles County, Angeles National Forest
Chilao Campground Sighting 1995

My sighting happened in 1995, but at the time I thought I had seen a bear. I've known about "Bigfoot" since the early seventies, but always thought its range was in Northern California and not south of Yosemite or about there. I've done alot of hiking in the Angeles forest in the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountains and have always enjoyed checking for signs of wildlife (tracks, scat, hair , etc....) to see what type of animals had been in the area. Not once did I even think to look for "Bigfoot" sign. I've been a believer in "Bigfoot" since I was a kid and dreamed of going into remote places to find the elusive animal, but a lifestyle in Los Angeles did not permit it (probably a bad excuse). I never made the time to go up north and do any research myself but I have read a lot of literature. The first story I read about the "Bigfoot" phenomena was about the Albert Ostman incident, which was in a small paperback book called mysterious monsters or something like that. Anyway, if I hadn't stumbled onto your site on the Internet, I would still be in the dark about the Southern California "Bigfoot".

Place: Off the N2, Angeles Crest Highway, 20 miles north of La Canada, in the Angeles forest at the Chilao picnic area about 2 miles north of the Chilao Campground area.

Time: 12:30-1:30 AM. August 1995.

Terrain: The picnic area is a small canyon about 1/2 mile long by 1/4 mile wide. The north and south side rise out of the canyon to hills and have trails that lead and there a lot of pine trees along the perimeter. The middle area has picnic tables and is flat with a seasonal creek running almost down the middle of it. Pine trees are abundant but not as heavy as the outskirts of the canyon. On the north side there is a road that runs thru the area from off N2, it passes a visitors center on the north and continues thru to the Chilao Campground area south.

The creek area has a lot of brambles along the edge of it and is at its widest, 8 ft. by 1 ft. deep when running. I've been here during all times of the year and there are never a lot of people around. It's just a nice little place to have a couple of beers and get away from the L.A, "rat race". There is also a fire pit in the southwest corner for people to use or ranger presentations I would think, though I've never seen anyone using it other then myself.

What Happened: A friend and myself were there after closing just sitting by the fire playing backgammon, having a couple of beers. She needed to relieve herself so I walked her to the restroom that was about 200 yards away. We did not have any flashlights with us and was very dark. I waited outside for her just looking into the night that was very calm and peaceful.

We started to walk back and about half way out of the right corner of my eye, I saw something big and hairy. I first reaction was to grab her and run to the car which was parked about 30 yards away. We stayed in car for about 10 minutes to see if the bear was still around and wait for it to leave the area.

We came out and talked about what had happened. She didn't see or hear anything which I could understand, being so dark and all. I started thinking to myself and didn't add up to me. First, the bear seemed to walking on its hind legs and very quick and agile. Plus there was no sound at all, no grunts or mouth chomping, nothing. Plus it was tall, about 7-8 ft. Not even remotely thinking it could be a "Bigfoot" I filed it away in my head thinking that was really odd.

Until I came across your website and it all made sense. I did not see a lot of detail and I wasn't looking for any at time so sorry there is not more detail about the thing but I believe it was a "Bigfoot". I know how bears act and have seen them in my hikes. One other thing, now the animal was to my right and behind me a little, about 25 ft. Something actually made me turn around and look, like a sense of being watched or something, I can't explain it. I hope this helps you with your demographics of the creatures you are monitoring. Now, when I go hiking with my kids I keep my eyes open a little more. One last thing, I did not smell anything before or after the incident.

Bob Matrinez