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Lake Tahoe, California - late summer 1986

I've been keeping this secret since around 1986 and didn't know who I could tell without sounding like a nut, but it's been bothering me, and I hope you are the appropriate person to contact regarding this matter. Here is my wife and I saw:

During the late summer of 1986 my wife Mary and I were driving east on highway 50 heading toward Lake Tahoe at about 11:30 p.m. we were about 25 to 30 miles west of Lake Tahoe when we approached an S curve. As we made a right turn, the road curved toward a mountainside and then turned away to the left. While making the right turn however, our headlights were facing the side of a hill and something else, we were not prepared for.

About 40 yards directly in front of us, we saw a huge hairy manlike creature walking along the side of this hill at the roadside our headlights were directly on it and there was no mistaking what we saw at that distance, as we made the left turn away from the hill the thing disappeared in the darkness.

My wife and I stared off ahead, and as we drove a short distance, both turned to look at each other and we said, "Did you see that?" I knew I hadn't imagined it, because she saw it too.

Now the problem was who we could tell without sounding crazy, so we never told a soul, but I've been searching for the right person to tell because it's been eating at me for all these years, I hope you are the person I've been seeking.

Thank you in advance,and by the way, just so there is no question about my sanity, I am a sworn peace officer for the State of California, and just telling you this could ruin my reputation and make me the butt of jokes for the next ten years.

Sincerely, GR
Date logged: Wed, 29 Oct 1997
Gary Rickman (no name please)

Note: This report is one of a series of reports that come with a degree of regularity from the Lake Tahoe area, specifically roadside or road crossing incidents along Highway 50.
Bobbie Short