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Sightings near Oroville, California
Courtesy Tim Olson

The second week of February, 1997 my friend Theresa and I were on our way to a remote area of Northern California where my husband planned to cut some firewood. We rode together in her vehicle, and he followed behind us in his pickup truck. We passed an area where there are high granite rock formations. I was looking in the direction of a granite cliff when I noticed two huge black
human-like forms.

They were plainly visible from about the waist up, and were side by side facing our direction. I describe the two figures as human-like because they were enormous, much too large to be people, and particularly to be seen so clearly at such a distance, approximately 150 yards. Although it seems unlikely to notice a figure at that distance, the circumstances left no doubt in our minds.

First of all, we were on the road below the cliff looking almost directly up. The figures stood out clearly as they were in an open area, and were definitely black and looked as though they were hair covered. The rock they were located on was white granite, with blue sky behind them. There was plenty
of contrast. The figures were human in shape, but the head set directly on the shoulders. Huge shoulders.

When I first noticed the figures, I told my friend to "Look!" There was "NO WAY" she could have missed seeing them. She continued driving, slowly now, and leaned forward to get a better look. As she did this, she blocked my view, but got an even better look than I had.

One of the figures was now standing fully erect, she could see the length of the arms, the entire body and also noticed light between the huge legs. Her description matched, with the exception that she was able to see one of the figures rise to a full standing position.

We wanted to stop, but had two vehicles behind us, and we were holding up traffic. There was nowhere to pull over. We continued to the wood cutting area, I returned with my husband driving slowly by the same spot but there was nothing unusual to see. Just the granite rock.

Personal Correspondence:
Careen Rupp to Researcher Tim Olson April 11, 1997