Bigfoot Encounters

Tracks found October 2010
Lake Alpine, Calaveras County, California in the Sierra Range

Lake Alpine is located on highway 4 in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains of California

Date: October 13, 2010 -- I was traveling in northern California along Route 4, up in the high Sierra Range. It was approximately 2:00pm in the afternoon when I saw this small little lake. It's called Lake Alpine and it is in Calaveras County, California; elevation 7,350 ft. I like to take scenic pictures especially in such a beautiful area. It just snowed there a week before I took those .

I walked down to the shore line to check it out and came across this huge footprint. The track imprint was about 14" long and about 6"- 7" wide, the stride approximately 4 feet in length, fairly long. There were a lot of animal tracks going down to the water's edge; it looked like a path that it followed.

My keys are about 7.5" long, camera case is 4.5" long. My foot or sneaker is 12.5" long and 4.5" wide.

I'm a believer now.
Keith Mahan
Los Banos, California

Lake Alpine dry wash where
Track was found...

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