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Mendocino County, California
1992 The Lost Coast Trail

On Thu, 12 Aug 1999, "Mike Schmidt" wrote:
Hello: We saw footprints about 7 years ago on the Lost Coast Trail at the
northern end of Mendocino county.

The Lost Coast trail starts where Highway 1 heads inland to meet up with Hwy 101. This section of the coast was too rugged to continue the highway. There is a hiking trail, which we were on some years ago (about 7 years back I would guess, we could get the exact day from the earthquake).

We had hiked in one day's work, and had spent a night out. The next day, we met only one other group who had been out 10 days - chanting "Pizza! Beer!" in anticipation of their return to civilization.

After passing them, we decided to hike out that day too. We felt an earthquake (we later read the epicenter was only about 20 miles away) - it was noticeable. A few minutes later, we crossed a stream, and saw one clear huge footprint. I compared it to my hiking boots; it was about an inch longer (about 13"). It had very well defined toes. We looked around and saw only one other print, much less defined print about 10 feet away. The location was a very steep, forested down slope going towards the ocean. The footprints were going sideways down. We spent the rest of the hike out debating what it was - my friend was convinced the other group had used a "stamp" to make the prints. I didn't buy his theory, since the print in the stream looked too fresh (the other party must have passed a few hours before), and I couldn't imagine a tired group planting a hoax with little chance of anyone finding it. I figured, if they had made the prints, they would have made more prints, not one and half. My theory was there was a creature (obviously not a bear etc) startled by the earthquake.

When we got back, I went to the library and found a book on Bigfoot. With my memory of the footprint fresh in my mind, I found it looked just like the "California" type footprints as opposed to the "BC" footprints. I am not sure if there are any other Bigfoot sightings in this area. I would be interested in finding out. Mike Schmidt
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This report came in the 13th of August, 1999 and somehow slipped through the cracks. I have recently been in touch with Mike and have his email address in the files if anyone else has had similar sightings in this general area….drop me a note . Bobbie Short