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Shasta County 1996 California

As a truck driver for a major oil company, I make the Northbound I-5 haul through northern California as frequently as anyone on a regular route. I can tell you that in 16 years of driving in that area, I have seen Sasquatch cross the highway twice. Always at night, and always a shock.

Once I was only able to catch a glimpse in my high beams, the other time I was riding a cab-over and the Sasquatch seemed tall enough to have look into the cab without climbing up, maybe 9-feet tall. Both times I was surprised they weren't hit by vehicles. He strolled unconcerned out of the pinetrees on one side of the road onto my lane and into the southbound lanes also lined with pines but out of my line of sight at that point. It happened within seconds.

My uncle was a logger over in the Del Norte area for years. He told some yarn that raised eyebrows until I started in the trucking business. Now I believe his stories. If he were alive today, he had a few gems to tell folk about old bigfoot. He and my Dad claimed they saw Sasquatch close up while fishing the Rogue River in Oregon one summer. Interesting.

Don't use my name, I take enough shit from the truckers. Thanks, hope this adds to your research.

Logged September 1996,
...this report was misfied as Siskiyou but he meant Shasta County.
Mile marker was Lakeshore-Lakehead, California area...